Future Pro heated thrusting airbag masturbator

ref. 6103
  • 10 thrusting modes / 10 airbag modes
  • 2 interchangeable sleeves
  • 3 moaning sounds
  • Fragrance spray function
  • Self-drying function
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  • Length : 11.00 in
  • Width : 5.00 in
  • Weight : 3.75 lb
  • Material : ABS and TPR
  • Thrusting speeds : 10
  • Airbag function : Yes
  • Heated : Yes
  • Internal length : 4.25 in
  • Internal width : 1.50 in
  • Voice function : Yes
  • Sleeve texture : nubby
  • Power supply : Mains powered

The Airbag Future Pro heated thrusting masturbator is the perfect toy if you're looking for a high-tech product with a wide range of exciting features. With a total length of 11.00 inches and an internal length of 4.25 inches, it has 10 thrusting modes and 10 Airbag modes to choose from. This futuristic toy has a textured sleeve with pleasure nubs for brand new sensations every time that you use it. It also has a heating function to add even more comfort and realism to your solo experience. If you get turned on by the sound of your lover climaxing, you'll love this toy's audio function, featuring 3 female moaning sounds. This toy also comes with two removable sleeves to customize your play session. But that's not all...the self-drying function and perfume diffuser make it easy to maintain your sex toy to enjoy it for years to come. If you're worried that the battery might give out at the worst possible moment, have no fear. This toy comes with a wall charger, so you'll always be satisfied until the very end.

How to use your Airbag Future Pro heated thrusting masturbator:
1. To use your masturbator, it must be plugged into the wall socket with the cable provided.
2. Remove the base of the masturbator, remove the foam ring and hold down the power button for 3 seconds to turn on your sex toy. Hold down the power button for a second to pause the thrusting action.
3. Explore the 10 thrusting speeds with the + button (to increase the speed) and the - button (to decrease the speed).
4. After plugging the headphones into the masturbator, start one of the three moaning sounds by pressing the button above the + button. Keep pressing the same button to change the moaning sound. Turn the dial at the top of the masturbator to increase or decrease the sound level.
5. You can also sync a pair of wireless headphones to your toy by holding down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds.
6. The heating element is in the base of the masturbator. To turn on the heating function, hold down the flame button for 3 seconds. The sleeve will heat up to 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) in 15 minutes. While the sleeve is heating up, the masturbator will make a noise that will stop when the ideal temperature is reached.
7. The perfume diffuser is located above the dial. Remove the panel by sliding it upwards. Pour a drop of fragrance into the sponge inside. Replace the panel and turn on the perfume diffuser by pressing the tab at the bottom of the panel.
8. The tab on the left side of the masturbator allows you to move the sleeve up or down in the tunnel of the toy. Sliding it upwards causes the sleeve to move upwards and sliding it downwards causes it to move downwards. This button can only be used when the thrusting is not turned on.
The sleeve must be positioned downward to be replaced (your masturbator comes with a second sleeve) or removed for cleaning.
9. The tab on the right side of the masturbator will turn the airbag function on or off. Sliding it down will cause the sleeve to deflate. Pushing it upwards will release the sleeve.
10. After each use and after closing the masturbator, turn on the drying function by pressing the button to the right of the Bluetooth button. 
11. The sleeve must be positioned downward in the tunnel for the masturbator to be closed.
12. To turn off your masturbator, hold down the power button for 3 seconds.

The masturbator sleeve should be cleaned before and after each use with a suitable toy cleaner and dried with an absorbent stick. For even more pleasure and comfort, consider using a water-based lubricant.

Make cleaning your toy's orifices a breeze by adding our complete cleaning and drying kit to your order, available on the product page or in our Sex toy cleaner category.

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