Navigator thrusting masturbator

Navigator thrusting masturbator
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Our NAVIGATOR thrusting masturbator has all of the necessary features to bring you to brink of solo ecstasy. This masturbator, which has an ultra-futuristic design, has 10 different vibration speeds for your pleasure. This sex toy for men also has a thrusting function (10 different modes). On top of those features, this high-tech marvel has a heating feature, to make your solo play feel even more like the real thing. This toy also has an audio feature, which lets you listen to the sound of women loudly climaxing as the NAVIGATOR works its magic on your rock-hard rod. It will truly be a masturbation session that you'll never forget. Explore the three different audio recordings.

This sex toy features two different vaginas to penetrate, each with a penetrable length of 6.25 inches and a flexible 0.75 to 1.5 diameter. The immobile vagina will welcome in the base of your penis while the second delivers realistic thrusting action – both of the NAVIGATOR thrusting masturbator's incredible vaginas will stimulate you in just the right way. The penetrable orifice of the second vagina is lined with pleasure nubs that will skillfully massage your penis. This masturbator is encased in a plastic shell for easy maintenance and storage.

Taking care of your thrusting masturbator

Your thrusting masturbator requires careful maintenance, due to the friction caused by its movement and its regular exposure to semen. It is very important to thoroughly clean your toy for hygienic reasons and to prevent the premature deterioration of your device. Before using your toy for the first time, it is a good idea to clean it with water, soap, and a suitable sex toy cleaner. You should also clean it both before and after every session. You should also remove the silicone components of the toy from the main shell to properly clean them. 

To make penetration even more amazing, we recommend that you apply a few generous squirts of water-based lubricant to your penis or to the inside of the vaginal orifice.

A double-vagina masturbation sex toy

This sex toy for men will give you an unbelievable amount of pleasure as it envelops your penis with one of its two vaginas. The first vagina, located on the end of the shell, does not vibrate. The second vagina, which is a few inches a part from the first, delivers orgasm-inducing vibrations as well as thrusting. The inside of the second vagina has a surprise in store: a number of pleasure nubs for an extra touch of stimulation.

User's guide for the thrusting masturbator

The control panel of the NAVIGATOR thrusting masturbator has 5 buttons. The bottom-left button turns the sex toy on and off (just hold it down for a few seconds to turn on the toy). The middle button pauses the thrusting and rotation functions; by holding down the same button for a few seconds, you'll switch on the heating function (hold until a red light switches on the in the shell). The bottom-right button switches on the audio feature; keep pressing the button to explore the different recordings.

The “F” button activates the telescopic thrusting function and adjusts the mode. The “RS” button lets you explore the different speeds of this masturbation sex toy for men.

If your sleeve has deteriorated with time, you can buy a replacement sleeve on the Love and Vibes online sex shop.


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