How to get over a sexual slump

Posted on 18 September 2023 by Natalia
How to get over a sexual slump
In a society that champions peak performance and perfection, it might feel a tad awkward to chat about hitting a bit of a sexual slump. But guess what? Slumps aren't just hush-hush stories whispered amongst close mates; they're more common than you'd think! Loads of us will experience them at some point in our lives, regardless of our age or gender. So, let's shed the stigma and get real about these bedroom blues. Because trust us, you're certainly not alone in this.

Recognising a sexual slump: what to look out for

The tell-tale signs of a sexual slump

For the gents: The most common sign is struggling to get or keep things... well, up and running. But a dip in libido or issues with either premature or delayed finishing can also be key indicators.

For the ladies: The slump might show up as a dwindling desire, pain during intimacy, difficulty in catching those pleasure vibes, or challenges reaching the big ‘O’.

A one-off slip or a running theme?

Just a blip: Sometimes, we've all just had one of those days. Maybe it's the exhaustion, the stress from a particularly tough day at work, fleeting worries, or other short-lived factors. In these cases, it's usually nothing to lose sleep over.

On repeat: When these slumps happen often and stick around longer than a bad weather spell in Britain, it could be pointing towards a deeper underlying issue – whether it's medical, psychological, or something else entirely. It's essential to have a chinwag with a professional if you're concerned. Remember, they've heard it all before, so there's no need to be bashful!

Unravelling the root of a bedroom blip

We often view a sexual slump as just a fluke or one-off occurrence, but it can actually be a signpost pointing towards a variety of underlying causes. Let's break it down:

Physical causes

  • Health conditions and treatments: There's a bunch of medical conditions out there that can fiddle with your sexual mojo. Plus, sometimes, the very treatments meant to help can have cheeky side effects impacting your drive or, for the gents, your 'standing ovation'. Always have a gander at medication leaflets and chinwag with your GP about any concerns.
  • Ageing: As we collect more candles on our birthday cakes, hormonal changes, decreased blood flow, and other physical nitty-gritties can throw spanners in our sensual works.

Mind matters

  • Stress and anxiety: Our noggin plays a hefty part in getting in the mood and responding to the right kind of 'nudges'. If your mind's tied up in knots or pacing like a caged lion, it might just put the brakes on your bedroom escapades. 
  • Past traumas: Traumatic experiences, especially those tied to previous sexual encounters, can lead to hitches or full-on roadblocks in future intimacy.

Unhealthy lifestyle

  • Booze and drugs: A pint or two might make you feel a bit bolder, but overdoing it or regularly diving deep into the bottle can throw a wet blanket on your sexual prowess.
  • Lack of sleep: Skimping on your beauty sleep or feeling like you've run a marathon when you've only climbed the stairs? Chronic tiredness can slash your desire and ability to engage in some rewarding rumpy-pumpy.
Remember, whatever the cause, there's no shame in seeking a bit of guidance or support. Everyone deserves a sizzling, satisfying love life!

Sextoys to the rescue: how they can spice things up!

Overcoming hurdles: Whether you're facing a fleeting fumble or a more persistent pickle, sextoys can be just the ticket. Struggling with keeping the flag flying? A cock ring could help boost and keep that salute a little longer.

Explore and unearth: It’s like being a bedroom Columbus. These gadgets offer a chance to venture into uncharted territories of your own body or your partner's. The result? A clearer map of pleasure hotspots. 

Shift the spotlight: Rather than feeling the pressure of putting on a West End-worthy performance every time, sextoys help steer the focus towards shared delight and playful discovery. So, why not take the limelight off the performance and get lost in the fun of the moment?

Remember, it's all about finding joy in the journey and making every moment count - gadgets and gizmos included!

The right sex toys to beat a sexual slump: a handy guide

Amp up the sensations

  • Good Vibes: Vibrators, coming in all shapes and sizes, can give a buzz to those erogenous zones. 
  • Feel the Difference: Textured toys, like particular masturbators or dildos, offer a novel kind of stimulation, a step away from the usual touch and tingle.

Give a helping hand to erections

  • Cock rings: By gently restricting blood flow, these bands can support a sturdier and longer-lasting salute.
  • Penis Pumps: These nifty gadgets create a vacuum that draws blood to the ol' chap, aiding in achieving and sustaining the spotlight moment.

Venture into new pleasure territories

Whatever your choice, remember it's all about exploration, connection, and rediscovering the joys of intimacy. Here's to spicing things up and letting the good times roll!