Menopause/andropause: reigniting the spark in your 50s (and beyond)

Posted on 12 September 2023 by Natalia
Menopause/andropause: reigniting the spark in your 50s (and beyond)
Hitting the big 5-0 certainly brings its fair share of shifts. For the ladies, there's menopause, and for the gents, andropause. But rather than sounding the death knell for passion, these transitions might just herald the beginning of a fresh sensual journey.
With age comes wisdom, experience, and often, a renewed understanding of our bodies and desires. So, while the thought of a dwindling libido can be a tad daunting for some, the reality is that this new chapter can open doors to deeper connections, heightened intimacy, and perhaps even a few adventures you hadn’t dared to dream of in your younger years.
Some tips for embracing this change? Communication is key, experimentation is encouraged, and remembering that age is just a number can make all the difference. After all, sensuality and connection aren’t solely the domain of the young; they’re lifelong journeys we can cherish and evolve with, no matter the decade.

Understanding menopause and andropause


Menopause represents a significant milestone in a woman's life. It signals the end of menstruation, often heralded by symptoms like hot flushes or vaginal dryness.

Emotionally, it can bring about mood swings or even a feeling of loss as women navigate this new phase.


On the flip side, andropause, sometimes dubbed the "male menopause", is characterised by a gradual dip in testosterone levels. Gents might find themselves grappling with persistent tiredness or a diminished libido.

From a psychological perspective, this transition can stir feelings of anxiety, depression, or prompt reflections on their masculinity and place in society.
Even though these transitions are inevitable and natural life stages, they're frequently clouded by misconceptions. For many, menopause and andropause spell the end of youth, equating to a loss of femininity or virility. These cultural stereotypes breed taboos, making open and honest discussions on these topics a challenge. However, with the right understanding and support, we can break down these barriers and navigate these changes with grace and confidence.

Sex toys: more than just fun and games

At 50 (and beyond!), one's love life can blossom with a myriad of new dimensions. It's prime time for exploration, rediscovering oneself, and reconnecting with a partner.

Enter sex toys, your potential best friends during this phase. They're not just about spicing things up but can also play a part in addressing some of the symptoms or discomforts associated with menopause and andropause. Battling vaginal dryness? A quality lubricant can provide that much-needed relief. Some toys are even designed to boost blood circulation, which can be a boon in sustaining an erection or enhancing sensitivity.

Whether you're on the hunt for a toy to tease out new sensations or a product to enhance comfort, there's likely something out there that ticks your box.

From masturbators to gentle vibrators, our curated selection is on hand to guide you through this exciting chapter of rediscovery. So, dive in and embrace the journey – after all, age is just a number when it comes to passion and pleasure.