Cleaning and drying kit + USB hole warmer
Cleaning and drying kit + USB hole warmer 3
Cleaning and drying kit + USB hole warmer 4
Cleaning and drying kit + USB hole warmer 5

Cleaning and drying kit + USB hole warmer

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  • For easy and efficient cleaning!
  • 1 sponge brush for deep cleaning
  • 1 moisture-absorbing stick
  • 1 USB hole warmer for more pleasure
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Enhance your solo sessions and keep your dolls in pristine condition with our Cleaning and drying kit with USB hole warmer! This kit enables you to quickly and effectively clean your favorite toys' orifices, extending their lifespan and enhancing your enjoyment.

The kit features:

  • A 12.00-inch sponge brush to clean the orifices.
  • A reusable moisture-absorbing stick to efficiently dry the orifice.
  • A USB hole warmer that can be placed inside the orifice a few minutes before penetration to heat it to a realistic body temperature.


Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Dampen the brush and apply a small amount of gentle, alcohol and silicone-free soap.
  2. Gently insert the brush into the orifice and perform soft back-and-forth motions to clean thoroughly.


  • Rinse the orifice with warm water until all soap is removed.


  1. Insert the moisture-absorbing stick into the orifice and leave it in place until it has completely absorbed the moisture.
  2. Remove the stick and let it air dry. You can reuse it several times.


  1. Connect the hole warmer and place it in the orifice of your choice.
  2. Wait a few minutes for the element to reach the appropriate temperature.
  3. Remove the hole warmer and enjoy your sex toy immediately.
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