Prostate plug

You'll experience intense anal sensations with a prostate plug, a sex toy that combines the simplicity of a butt plug with the deep stimulation and convenience of a prostate massager! Prostate plugs deliver a very different type of male stimulation than other sex toys for men (like a butt plug or anal massager). Made of silicone, glass, metal or other high-quality materials, these sex toys for men can be used for solo or partner play. You can even choose a model with a cock ring to make your penis harder, combining prostate massage with penetration for an even more intense orgasm. Take anal pleasure to the next level with a prostate plug!

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Looking for two anal sex toys for the price of one? A prostate plug is a combination of a butt plug and prostate massager, designed for deep male pleasure. Insert the prostate plug into your anus to enjoy an intense massage of your anal walls. This new kind of stimulation will help you achieve a prostate orgasm by stimulating the P-spot. While the size and features of these sex toys for male pleasure may vary, all of our prostate plug models are designed to stimulate the prostate, so you'll feel intense anal pleasure during solo or partner play.

This sex toy for men has more benefits than just sheer orgasmic pleasure. Prostate stimulation has been proven to be beneficial for your sexual health! If you're used to climaxing from penis stimulation alone, exploring your anal region with toys, during solo or partner play, will introduce you to different sensations. Every prostate plug is unique, so it is important to choose the toy that will give you the most pleasure! Our anal sex toys are mostly made of materials like glass, silicone and metal. While silicone is soft, metal and glass will give your anal walls a much more intense massage. Our prostate plugs come in different sizes, so you can select the perfect length and curve that will stimulate your P-spot in just the right way. And if you want to take things to the next level, boost your pleasure with an anal sex toy that combines a prostate plug and a cock ring! The cock ring will increase the size of your penis and strengthen your erections, for your partner's pleasure during penetrative sex, whether you're with a man or a woman.

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