How to choose a sex toy for new mums

After the incredible journey of childbirth, you might find yourself asking: can I still experience those deliciously sensual moments like before? How do body changes influence intimacy? And with this adorable little one demanding your attention, is there even a smidge of 'me-time' left? Don’t worry, you're not alone. We at LOVE AND VIBES understand how motherhood can flip your intimate world on its head, and we're here to guide you back to that road paved with pleasure.

Becoming a mother is nothing short of a roller coaster—moments filled with pure bliss and discovery, yet sprinkled with bouts of fatigue and those 'where-am-I?' sensations. So, amidst nappy changes and 3 a.m. feeds, how does one even begin to prioritise their own needs? Remember, it’s absolutely okay to feel a bit adrift.

Enter the wonderful world of sex toys. While the thought might initially raise a brow or two, there’s a lot to be said about their benefits. Not only can they help you reconnect with the sensuality you might have placed on the back burner during your pregnancy, but they also offer a fantastic way to de-stress. Whether it’s chasing away sleepless nights or just reminding yourself of the radiant woman you are, a well-chosen toy can be a game-changer.

So, ready to dip a toe (or something else) in? Trust the LOVE Team to guide you towards that ideal toy, tailored to your desires and designed to reignite the passion.

The postnatal perks of using a sex toy

With the arrival of your wee bundle of joy, life's no doubt taken a spin. Alongside the euphoric baby cuddles, you might be grappling with the emotional cocktail of elation, exhaustion, dwindling libido and, let’s face it, the odd self-esteem wobble. But what if we told you there's a cheeky way to reclaim some of that pre-baby sparkle?

  • Lifting that libido: Oh, hormones. They've always been quite the little rascals, haven't they? Post-birth, they're often the culprits behind your libido playing hide and seek. And those pesky extra kilos? (Which, by the way, often have a magical way of vanishing on their own!) It's completely natural to feel a little out of touch with your body. This is where a fab sex toy can step in. Think of it as a tool to rediscover your groove, boost that self-esteem, and rekindle the flames of pleasure.
  • Reigniting intimate bonds: Feeling like the ship with your partner has sailed into slightly distant waters post-baby? A sex toy might just be the compass you need. Dive into new adventures together and rediscover that close-knit intimacy that perhaps got a little overshadowed by nappy duties and midnight feeds.

LOVE Team Tip
Before you embark on this delightful journey, it’s always a wise shout to have a chinwag with your gynaecologist or midwife. Navigating the world of sex toys post-childbirth is exhilarating, but a wee nod from a medical pro can ensure you're doing it safely.

Some toys that will tantalise any new mum

Your desires are as unique as your journey into motherhood, and guess what? There's a toy out there that's just itching to make your acquaintance. Whether you're on the hunt to give that libido a little nudge, eager to explore thrilling new sensations, or aiming to turn up the heat with your partner, the LOVE Team has got the saucy secret weapon you've been dreaming of. Cheers to rekindled desires and sensational nights!

A subtle vibrator

clit vibrator

Venturing back into the world of intimacy post-baby, especially after a vaginal birth, can feel like a delicate dance. For many, the key is starting softly, focusing on external zones like the clitoris that sing with sensation.

Enter the petite vibrator - your soon-to-be little best friend. This discreet gem is wonderfully user-friendly and offers a gentle touch, ideal for those wanting to ease back into the rhythm. Before you know it, it might just become a staple in your pleasure toolkit!

If delving into full penetration feels like a step too soon, remember you're not solo in this journey. Your partner can be the co-pilot, helping you rediscover blissful moments and glorious peaks with the support of this gentle gadget. Embrace the joy of rediscovering your body at a pace that feels right for you. And remember, every journey starts with a single, delightful step.

Ben wa balls

Mamas, let's chat about a little secret that goes beyond the realm of pleasure - Ben Wa balls. Not only a tantalising intimate accessory, but these shiny wonders also have a glorious side gig: toning that all-important perineum. Especially after the marathon of a vaginal birth or the surgical tango of an episiotomy, giving some TLC to the perineum is crucial.

ben wa balls

Been prescribed Kegel exercises by your gynaecologist or physio? Level up with the Ben Wa balls! Each set comes thoughtfully designed with balls of varying weights, letting you embrace a gradual strength-building journey. Start light, and when you’re ready, dial up the intensity. Over time, you’ll feel the magic as your perineum firms up, opening doors to undiluted sensual pleasure once again.

Just a little love note: always pop in for a chat with your doc or midwife before introducing the Ben Wa balls into your routine. Safety first, pleasure always!

Vibrating knickers

In the whirlwind of nappies, feeds, and lullabies, finding a slice of 'me-time' can feel like locating a needle in a haystack. But, what if there was a sassy secret to snatch those moments of pleasure effortlessly? Enter: vibrating knickers.
The beauty of these delightful undies? Absolute simplicity. Just slip them on, lay back, and let the tingling vibes do their magic. No fuss, all fun.
The fab folks on the LOVE Team suggest beginning with a non-penetrative model. Especially if you’re not quite ready to venture into full penetration territory, these wonders focus solely on your external pleasure points. So, during those rare quiet moments (or even during that cheeky sip of tea), let the knickers help you rekindle that sensual connection with yourself. Treat yourself, mama. You’ve earned every quiver of joy!

A small butt plug

A small butt plug

As you navigate this journey of self-(re)discovery post-baby, how about dabbling in a fresh avenue of delight? The petite anal plug offers an enticing invitation into a world of unique sensations. And here’s a nifty little bonus: the heightened stimulation from this sultry toy can lend a temporary tightening effect to those vaginal walls, especially if they've felt the strains of childbirth.

LOVE Team Tip
Venturing into the realm of anal plugs is all about pacing and gentle exploration. Arm yourself with a silky lube, take it slow, and always honour your body's boundaries. Ready to embark on this new tantalising trip? The world of pleasure awaits, gorgeous!

Some toys to avoid

Motherhood’s enchanting journey can leave us feeling vulnerable in both mind and body. And while we're all for sprinkling a bit of intimate magic into the mix, it's vital to tread with care, especially in these early days. Some toys might be a tad too adventurous for this transitional period. Let’s take a peek at which ones to pop on the back burner:

  • Dildos: Especially the more generous ones, darling. These can be a touch too intense and might bring more discomfort than delight in the early days. Give yourself time, heal, and when you're ready, they’ll still be there waiting.
  • Breast pumps: If you're breastfeeding, those delicate nips can be a tad sensitive. Extra stimulation might cause some tenderness, making feeding sessions a wee bit tricky.

The golden rule as you reintroduce intimacy post-birth? Listen to your heart and body. Every sensation should be about joy, pleasure, and reconnection. So, wrap yourself in love and patience, and remember, the world of sensuality will always be there for you to explore, at your own sweet pace.

Diving back into the ocean of intimacy post-baby can feel like a delicate waltz. Sex toys offer a gentle way to reacquaint yourself with those sensual rhythms. Remember, there's no rush; this chapter is a whirlwind of change, and you've every right to put yourself first, rediscovering pleasure at your own pace.

Need a nudge or a bit of advice? The LOVE Team is just a message away. We're here, with all the warmth and wisdom, to guide and support you through this transformative phase. You're not alone on this journey, gorgeous!