How to strengthen your perineum

Posted on 14 November 2018 by Natalia
How to strengthen your perineum

The perineum plays a fundamental role in sexual pleasure. But also plays an important role during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards

The female perineum: what is it?

Also known as the "pelvic floor", the perineum is a set of muscles, ligaments and tissue located in the crotch, between the pubic bone and the coccyx. Its role is to support all the organs located in the small pelvis (rectum, uterus and bladder). It is the perineum which ensures urinary and fecal continence and allows us to contract the vagina.

An essential role in sexual pleasure

Few people know this, but the perineum contributes to a more satisfying sex life because it helps you to experience more sensations during penetration. Thanks to the perineum, a woman's vagina remains tight, which allows her to feel her partner's penis more intensely, for more pleasure. So if your perineum lacks tone, you may not be getting the most out of penetrative sex Hence the importance of toning your pelvic floor in a number of different ways: perineal massage, perineal exercises, perineal physical therapy but also by experimenting with sex toys!

Perineal physical therapy: toning up your pelvic floor with a sex toy

For an easy and fun way to tone up your pelvic floor, opt for a sex toy! As previously mentioned, during pregnancy, the perineum is often damaged (weight of the baby, hormonal changes, etc.) and it is therefore essential to tone up the perineum so that it regains all its strength.
Obviously, there is no specific at which a woman should start pelvic floor toning exercises, but these exercises are especially beneficial to women who have just given birth vaginally, to help overcome urinary incontinence and to improve penetrative sex. A stronger pelvic floor will result in increased sexual pleasure, and a better orgasm!

Traditional methods are superimposed on more original methods, such as the use of sextoys. Female sextoys are an excellent alternative for toning and re-educating the female perineum and regaining intense sensations of pleasure with your partner.

Ben Wa balls are already well known to women for participating in their feminine pleasure but they have many other qualities. Vaginal Ben Wa balls, electric Ben Wa balls, vibrating Ben Wa balls, there is something for every taste but there are also Ben Wa balls designed for your pelvic floor muscles. Ben Wa balls are among the first sex toys used for perineal reeducation! A Ben Wa ball is a small ball that is quite heavy to insert into the vagina and which must not slip. The objective is to hold it in place by contracting the pelvic muscles, and therefore the perineum. In addition to being a highly coveted object of pleasure, Ben Wa balls are often recommended by doctors and physical therapists to strengthen the perineum, especially after childbirth. Since a Ben Wa ball must be used several times during the day, we recommend that women wait until they have sufficient tone in their perineum to use it.

Vibrating eggs look just like Ben Wa balls but their use is quite different. A real pleasure generator, a vibrating egg can be used anywhere (the excitement will be all the greater!), all you have to do is wet the sextoy with lubricant, then insert it into the vagina and choose the intensity of vibration. Unconsciously, with each vibration, you will tighten the perineum and thus improve the tone of your vagina. There are different models of vibrating eggs, among the best known being the remote-controlled vibrating egg and the wireless vibrating egg. A vaginal egg is not just a sex toy, it is also a tool for helping women achieve a stronger pelvic floor. Thanks to these sex toys, you will stimulate the walls of your vagina to tone up your pelvic floor muscles You will quickly regain full feeling in your vagina, for a more satisfying sex life.