What’s the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm?

Posted on 10 March 2023 by Natalia
What’s the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm?
Despite the interest it arouses, the female orgasm is a little-known phenomenon for many women. Some women wonder how to achieve an orgasm, while others are unsure about the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms and struggle to find reliable information.

Clit orgasms are generally considered to be easier to achieve than vaginal orgasms. According to a recent survey, 95% of women are able to achieve orgasm by stimulating their own clit. On the other hand, many women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm.

In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to distinguish between the two types of orgasm and understand how your body works. Follow the techniques suggested by the LOVE Team to finally achieve the sexual fulfilment you've been dreaming of, whether you’re alone or with a partner.

So, are you looking for clitoral or vaginal pleasure? Read our article to find out!

Clit orgasm

A clitoral orgasm is caused by direct stimulation of the clitoris. The small outer button, which makes up only 10% of the total surface area of the clitoris, is very sensitive to stimulation. Your clit is covered with sensitive nerve endings (which are also found on the penis). You can stimulate your clit with your hand, a vibrator, or a clit stimulator. A clitoral orgasm, which is quicker to achieve than a vaginal orgasm, is also shorter and more intense.

Vaginal orgasm

A vaginal orgasm is often considered more difficult to achieve than clitoral orgasm. You can achieve a vaginal orgasm by stimulating your vagina in a number of different ways, with your fingers, sex toys (dildos, Ben Wa balls, vibrating eggs) or your partner's penis. Vaginal orgasms are less immediate than clitoral orgasms, but are often more intense and last longer. When it happens, a sensation of intense pleasure will run throughout your body. Many women want to experience this form of orgasm with their partner during sex, but find it difficult to achieve.

How can I achieve the orgasm that I want?

If an orgasm sometimes seems elusive to you, regular practice can help you discover your preferences.

You can achieve a clit orgasm by directly stimulating your clitoris: use your fingers, a vibrator or a clitoral stimulator.

You can achieve vaginal orgasm by exploring different sexual positions with your partner.

You may also achieve a simultaneous vaginal and clit orgasm. For example, positions such as girl-on-top, missionary or doggy-style will allow you to use a sex toy during penetration. With a sex toy, your partner can also stimulate your vagina, while a vibrator (or clit stimulator) stimulates your clitoris, to achieve an incredible double orgasm!

The most important thing is to communicate with your partner and try out different techniques and positions to find out which ones excite you the most and finally reach that long-awaited orgasm.

The important thing is to relax!

There are many different ways to have a happy, satisfying sex life... It's up to you to find out what makes you feel the most pleasure and well-being.

The important thing is to feel comfortable exploring different techniques or trying new positions with your partner. The orgasm should not be a goal in itself, nor should it become a source of counterproductive pressure. Learn to focus on the moments of sharing with your partner and concentrate on sensuality.

Remember that the journey comes first, not the destination. Take your time, enjoy every sensation: you'll experience more intense and satisfying orgasms. Have fun, be relaxed, positive and creative: you’ll enjoy a deeper, freer sex life than ever before.