How to have sex after giving birth

Posted on 25 May 2023 by Natalia
How to have sex after giving birth
Having sex for the first time after giving birth is a physical and psychological challenge that every new mother faces. In this article, the LOVE Team will guide you through the experience, helping you to reconcile with your body, overcome your fears, and rediscover the joys of harmonious and stress-free sex life.

Why is having sex after giving birth so intimidating?

The birth of a child is a major upheaval in a woman’s life. The couple has to find new and firm footing, cope with tiredness and an immense flow of new emotions. Resuming sexual activity under these conditions is often difficult, but with a lot of discussion, patience and the mutual expression of trust, your intimate bond will become strong once again.

Women generally dread sex for the first time after childbirth. So, it's a good idea to talk to your partner and tell them about your concerns. This will help you to regain the confidence you had with your partner before the arrival of your new baby.

Women can also sometimes be embarrassed by the physical changes they’ve undergone: weight gain and stretch marks can make them feel particularly self-conscious. Feeling less desirable, women are reluctant to resume a regular sex life.
The LOVE Team recommends that if you're experiencing these problems, talk to your partner and seek the advice of a health professional who will be able to reassure you and help you regain your confidence.

Why does a woman’s sex drive change after birth?

Many factors influence fluctuations in a woman’s libido after giving birth.

Women who become mothers go through an upheaval in their identity: they are all too happy to take care of their new baby and feel fulfilled by their presence, but they sometimes neglect to indulge in intimate pleasures. It's important to continue to pay attention to your partner and to avoid neglecting your feminine desires during such an emotional time.

Plus, childbirth and the first few months of a baby's life are generally very tiring periods. Couples often prefer to rest before resuming sexual activity, and desire within the couple temporarily dries up.

Not to mention, during the breastfeeding period, prolactin (a hormone produced by breastfeeding) inhibits the production of sex hormones. When you stop breastfeeding, your sex drive will return naturally.

Get back into the swing of things!

To revive your flagging libido, take care of yourself. Here are a few tips to help you rekindle your desire.

  • Give yourself time: Don't put too much pressure on yourself, give yourself all the time you need. Sometimes it takes time to get used to your new body. Be patient and your sex drive will thank you!
  • Dietary supplements: There are herbal supplements that can help you get back in shape. Ask your doctor for a prescription that's right for you.
  • Aphrodisiac foods: Why not try a diet of oysters, chocolate, ginger or asparagus? These foods are said to be aphrodisiacs and will help you to enjoy yourself again!
  • Consult a sex therapist: A professional can help you understand why you’ve been dreading sex and suggest effective solutions.
  • Tone up your pelvic floor muscles: After giving birth, going through rehab for your pelvic floor muscles will strengthen them, help prevent incontinence, and encourage greater sexual activity.

Finally, don't forget that communicating with your partner, in an atmosphere of sincere listening and mutual goodwill, is the most powerful aphrodisiac there is!