Black remote-controlled prostate stimulator

Black remote-controlled prostate stimulator
Black remote-controlled prostate stimulator 2
Black remote-controlled prostate stimulator 3
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Ejaculation delay spray
  • insertable length : 4.25 in
  • Colour : Black
  • Diameter : 1.25 in
  • Material : Silicone
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Vibration Speed : 10
  • USB : Yes
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Control your prostate orgasm with this prostate stimulator that has all of the features to give you unique anal pleasure. With its perfect design, effective functions, remote control that works from a distance, and soft material, you’ll definitely achieve an incredible prostate orgasm once you’ve inserted this toy into your anus. 

A sex toy with a perfect design

This prostate stimulator sex toy is perfectly designed to reach your secret prostate zone with ease. The curves are ideal for reaching and stimulating your orgasmic male organ. On top of its curves, this prostate dildo has two larger bumps, one on the shaft and one along the dildo. The prostate dildo is about 4.25 inches long with a maximum 1.25-inch diameter, the perfect size for pure pleasure. On top of the main dildo, this sex toy also has a small tickler to stimulate the perineum. The tickler has a 1.5-inch length. 

Control the vibrations

This sex toy has 10 vibration modes that blend different levels of power and speed. That way, you’ll be able to fully customise your solo experience. Everyone has their own rhythm, and you’ll definitely find your own vibe with this ingenious device. You can control the vibrator either from the toy’s control panel or by using the wireless remote control (which you can control from up to 33 feet away). The sex toy has two buttons:
- an on/off button that you can hold down to turn the toy on and off.
- an arrow button that you can use to explore the 10 different vibration speeds.
The wireless remote control only has one button. Hold down the button to switch the toy on and off. Simply press the button to explore the different vibration modes.

Play a game

Thanks to its remote control, this highly orgasmic stimulating prostate stimulator lets you play a dangerous game - sex in public! Your playmate can control the vibrations and set them off without you knowing. You’ll have to pretend that you don’t feel a thing, while nothing could be further from the truth! The sex games will spice up your couple’s play - don’t hesitate!

Prostate orgasm

The prostate orgasm is the apex of the male sexual experience. The prostate is widely known as the p-spot, the equivalent of a woman’s g-spot. Stimulating this area will give you a next-level orgasm. Not only will this toy give you pleasure, it may also prevent prostate cancer.

Take care of your prostate sex toy

An anal sex toy requires careful cleaning to increase its service life. For best results, we recommend using a special sex toy cleaner to prevent damage to the texture of your prostate stimulator. To make it easier to insert this sex toy into you anus and to increase the sensations you feel, you may wish to use a water-based lubricant. Keep your sex toy in a dry, cool place.

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