How to choose a vibrating love egg

Hunting for the dream love egg but drowning in choices? Take a breath, lovely! The LOVE Team has got your back. Dive in with our guide and discover the thrills that truly tick your boxes. Let’s get started, shall we?

With a sea of models out there, how do you suss out which egg is the one for you? Lovingly penned by our fabulous LOVE Team, this guide will spill the beans on this little pleasure powerhouse. First off, let’s chat about the countless perks of popping one in: think unmatched freedom to move, cheeky shared moments, or some seriously satisfying solo play. Next up, delve into our top tips on nailing the perfect size for divine comfort and sensation. And the cherry on top? We've got a rundown on our top picks tailored to the sensations and features you're after.
So, buckle up and join us on this cheeky pleasure quest – it’s bound to be an electrifying ride!

Why should I buy a vibrating love egg?

Curious about adding a little zing to your intimate collection? A vibrating love egg isn't just about a fun fling – it’s got some genuine benefits for your body and your bedroom antics. Here's how this little gem can spice things up:

  • Power up your pelvic floor: The pelvic floor, often overlooked, plays a star role in a woman's intimate life. Whether post-baby or just as time ticks on, it can lose a bit of its oomph. Enter the vibrating love egg, not just a treat but a workout for your pelvic muscles! The fab two-fold benefit? Guard against those 'oops' moments and crank up the pleasure dial for both you and your partner.
  • Caress your curves: But it's not all about the muscle. Beyond its toning talents, the love egg is a trusty sidekick for those moments when you fancy a bit of 'me time'. By gently massaging the vaginal walls, it takes you on a sensory sojourn where you're in the driver's seat.
  • Double your fun: And who said the love egg's just for solo endeavours? Sneak it into foreplay for a tantalising teaser, setting the stage for the grand finale. For the daring divas among you, some remote-controlled models let you take the fun public. An electrifying secret, a bond like no other, for those moments that dance between flirty and fiery.

Which size vibrating love egg is right for you?

Getting the most out of your love egg is all about that perfect fit – it needs to be snug, comfortable, and in tune with what you're after. Like with any first-time experience, it's good to take things step by step.
  • First-time users: If you're dipping your toes into the world of love eggs, we'd give a big thumbs up to starting with a small-sized model. It's your gentle intro: easy to insert and lets your body adjust to this thrilling new sensation.
  • More advanced users: Once you've got the hang of the petite player and are feeling a touch more adventurous, you might fancy upscaling to a medium size. A little larger, a lot more lush – it promises heightened sensations while still keeping things cosy.
  • Seriously experienced users: If these little wonders are already part of your repertoire and you're on the lookout to crank things up a notch, a large size might be your next best mate.
  • For bolder users: And then, for those who know no bounds and are chasing the ultimate thrill, there's the XL – bound to hit all the right spots. But always remember, it's all about enjoying the journey.
LOVE Team Tip

Take it slow, get acquainted with your new pal, and for a deeper dive (or if you're just a bit nosy), have a peek at our detailed guide, How to use a vibrating love egg.

Which type of vibrating love egg is right for me?

Navigating the world of love eggs can be a touch overwhelming, especially with so many tantalising options at your fingertips! But don't fret, lovely. Whether you're after a subtle purr or a roaring rumble, we're here to help you pinpoint that perfect partner in pleasure.

A classic vibrating love egg: for pure, unadulterated simplicity

For those newbies stepping into the scintillating world of sex toys, the classic vibrating love egg is a smart shout. No fuss, no frills, just straightforward vibes.

With this model, you control the rhythm right from the egg itself – talk about hands-on! It's user-friendly and makes for a fab intro to all things buzz-worthy.

The easy-peasy adjustments let you tweak the intensity to match your mood, giving you the freedom to find out what really revs your engine, at your own pace.

A remote-controlled vibrating love egg: amp up the adventure

For those keen to mix things up a bit, the remote-controlled vibrating love egg is a right treat. This toy is also perfect for beginners, thanks to its straightforward remote, but boy, does it open up a realm of playful possibilities! With just a press, you can flit between vibration patterns and intensities to suit your current craving.

But the real magic of this model? Sharing is caring, after all. Hand over the controls to your partner for a fresh take on foreplay, brimming with surprise and suspense. For those couples who fancy a sneaky thrill, this egg lets you delve into some cheeky public play. Just picture it – the shared secret thrill of a buzz during a posh dinner, a cinema date, or even a casual get-together with mates. It's all about that electric connection, turning everyday moments into saucy escapades.

A vibrating love egg with clit stimulator: twice the tingles

Moving past the fab internal vibes of a classic love egg, this beauty comes with an added external wand to lovingly lavish attention on your clitoris. This dynamic duo teams up, harmonising their talents, to deliver a blended orgasm – combining the delight of clitoral touch with the headiness of internal stimulation.

Every pulse, every shudder is designed to lead you in a perfectly choreographed dance of pleasure. So, if you're on the hunt for a truly otherworldly experience, where every inch of you tingles with anticipation, this love egg with a clitoral stimulator is your ticket to bliss.

A double vibrating love egg: double the daring

What better way to bond with your partner than to simultaneously revel in the gentle buzz of this beauty? Each love egg can be embraced by either partner, crafting a shared escapade and an intimate duet of delight.

For the more audacious among us, this toy offers a gentle intro to dual penetration. Now, generally speaking, love eggs aren't touted for backdoor ventures, but the design of this particular model, with its added length, gives it the green light for such play. Meaning? You can indulge in simultaneous vaginal and anal titillation. Dive in and feel doubly divine.

A textured vibrating love egg: for an amplified sensory sojourn

Picture a symphony of meticulously crafted textures, each designed to tantalise every hidden nook and cranny of your most intimate zones. Whether it's gentle ripples reminiscent of a calm sea's caress, striations echoing the markings of a feather, bubbly nodules that dance effervescently, or embracing spirals, every texture aims to immerse you in waves of unparalleled pleasure.

Marrying those vibes with these mesmerising textures dials up the delight, making each session a hedonistic exploration of your own body. For those looking to step beyond the standard buzz, the textured vibrating love egg pledges moments of ecstasy you won't soon forget. Brace yourself for a full-on sensory spree.

The realm of vibrating love eggs is as diverse and vibrant as the women who indulge in them, ensuring every lady gets a tailor-made experience attuned to her desires. Always remember, the journey can be just as delicious as the destination, and each discovery is a celebration of self.
If ever you feel the need for some guidance or have any burning questions, know that our LOVE Team is always on hand to help. Don't hesitate to drop us a line – your pleasure is our prerogative. Wishing you countless moments of delightful discovery and euphoria. Look after yourself and savour every single second.