Top 5 sexiest films to watch with your crush

Posted on 29 May 2024 by Natalia
Top 5 sexiest films to watch with your crush
Spending a romantic evening with your crush is the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories. And what could be better than sharing a super-sexy film to bring you closer together – in every way!
Some films have that special something, that chemistry that raises the temperature while also offering an unforgettable cinematic experience. Whether you're after passionate scenes or intoxicating romances, we've got you covered with our top five sexiest films to watch with your crush for a successful evening in. Get ready to discover captivating stories that will ignite the spark between you two.

Why watching a sexy film makes for a great date night

Watching a sexy film with your crush provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy an intimate atmosphere and strengthen your intimate bond. These films, full of scenes of romantic tension and desire, can help break the ice and stimulate deeper conversations about each other's desires and fantasies.

A truly sensual film showcases moments of intimacy and passion that can stir up real emotions. Sharing these moments in front of the screen allows you to experience something together, strengthening your bond and shared memories. It can also be a fun and relaxed way to discover your partner's tastes and preferences when it comes to romance and eroticism.
Finally, choosing to watch a sexy film is an excellent way to turn an ordinary evening into a special and memorable moment. The good vibes, combined with the excitement and visual beauty of the films, can raise the temperature and pave the way for an evening full of tenderness and passion.

Our list of the top 5 sexiest films to watch with your partner

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

What’s it about?: Anastasia Steele, a literature student, sees her life turned upside down when she meets Christian Grey, a mysterious and attractive businessman. Their relationship quickly evolves into a game of dominance and submission, exploring the limits of desires and fantasies.
Why it's sexy: This film is known for its explicit erotic scenes and palpable sexual tension. The exploration of fantasies and power dynamics between the characters is captivating and intriguing.
Key moments: The scenes in the Red Room, where Christian reveals the world of BDSM to Anastasia, are particularly sensual and intense. Other moments, such as their passionate exchanges in Christian's apartment, contribute to the film's erotic atmosphere.

2. Call Me by Your Name

What’s it about?: During the summer of 1983 in Italy, Elio, a 17-year-old teenager, develops a romance with Oliver, his father's research assistant. This relationship marks a period of discovery and transformation for Elio, both emotionally and physically
Why it's sexy: The romantic tension and exploration of budding emotions and desires make this film touching and captivating. The moments of connection and complicity between the two protagonists add depth to their relationship.
Key moments: The swimming scenes in Italian rivers and lakes, as well as the tender moments shared in the family villa, are highlights of this masterful film.

3. Eyes Wide Shut

What’s it about?: After a series of revelations, married couple Bill and Alice Harford find themselves immersed in a secret world of desires and fantasies. Bill explores masked parties and erotic rituals, questioning his own perception of fidelity and desire.
Why it's sexy: The film's mysterious atmosphere, combined with the exploration of taboos and hidden desires, creates a constant and captivating tension.
Key moments: The masked party, with its erotic rituals and games of seduction, is one of the most memorable scenes. The interactions between Bill and the other partygoers reinforce the mystery and sensuality of the story.

4. Her

What’s it about?: In the near future, Theodore Twombly, a lonely man, develops a romantic relationship with Samantha, an advanced artificial intelligence. Their connection evolves beyond simple digital interaction, touching on aspects of intimacy and human emotions.

Why it's sexy: The film explores emotional intimacy and digital desires, creating an atmosphere of connection and vulnerability. The interactions between Theodore and Samantha reveal levels of desire and understanding rarely seen in traditional human relationships.
Key moments: The deep conversations between Theodore and Samantha, as well as the moments of intense emotion when they share their deepest feelings, are particularly memorable.

5. The Voyeurs

What’s it about?: A young couple, Pippa and Thomas, become obsessed with their neighbours' intimate lives, leading them down a path of unexpected and dangerous events. Their initial curiosity turns into a dangerous fascination, putting their own relationship to the test.
Why it's sexy: The mystery and eroticism surrounding the voyeuristic scenes create a growing tension throughout the film. The fascination with secret lives and hidden desires is intriguing and exciting.
Key moments: The scenes where Pippa and Thomas observe their neighbours, as well as the moments where their own relationship is challenged by their discoveries, are particularly captivating. These scenes illustrate the fine line between innocent curiosity and dangerous obsession.

Some tips to make your evening even steamier

To create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, adjust the lighting in the room. Opt for soft lighting using a lamp with a dimmer switch or string lights. Scented candles are also an excellent way to add a touch of sensuality to the atmosphere. Choose delicate fragrances like vanilla, jasmine, or sandalwood, known for their soothing and aphrodisiac properties.
Make sure the space is comfortable and inviting. Arrange plush cushions and soft blankets to create a cosy nest where you can snuggle together. Eliminate distractions by turning off phones and closing the curtains to fully immerse yourselves in the movie's atmosphere.

Prepare a selection of small, easy-to-eat bites, such as cheese and fruit platters, fine chocolates, or gourmet appetisers. Strawberries dipped in chocolate or macarons are elegant and delicious choices.

For drinks, offer light cocktails, wine, or champagne to add a festive and refined touch to the evening. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, fruit infusions or sophisticated mocktails can work just as well.

To spice up the evening, consider incorporating some erotic accessories. Clit stimulators and vibrators will definitely add some excitement to your evening, offering new and thrilling sensations.

Scented massage oils are an excellent option for relaxing and preparing your senses for a night of pleasure. Erotic board games can also be a fun way to discover new aspects of your intimacy.

A movie night can turn into a sensual experience with the right film and the right atmosphere. By choosing one of the films from our selection and following our tips to create an intimate and welcoming environment, you're sure to have an unforgettable time with your crush.
Enjoy your evening and the film!