How to make your first time with another man magical

Posted on 8 June 2023 by Natalia
How to make your first time with another man magical
Dipping into the scene for the first time? Ah, the joys of new experiences! While our society is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was a mere generation ago when it comes to understanding and accepting homosexuality, let's not kid ourselves – there are still a few raised brows and age-old taboos lingering about. But chin up, gents! Gay Pride Month is upon us this June, and we on the LOVE Team reckon it's prime time to delve deep into the topic.
Navigating your first intimate rendezvous with another man? It's more than just a fling; it's akin to a rite of passage, a blend of self-discovery, and, well, discovering another. And like with any foray into uncharted territories, there's a whirlwind of emotions – the euphoria, the thrill, and yes, a touch of the jitters. How do you get your ducks in a row? Pour yourself a brew, sit back, and let the LOVE Team give you the lowdown.

Charting new waters: prepping for your debut intimate experience with another man

Lads, diving into the deep end with another man for the first time? Ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience is all about preparation. Here’s your trusty guide to setting the mood right.

  • Master your own map: Before sharing those intimate moments, have a proper natter with yourself. Understand what floats your boat, what's a bit meh, and what's an outright no-go. Knowing your pleasures and limits makes it easier to guide your mate and share a genuine connection.
  • Your desires, your rules: Let's set the record straight. There’s no playbook that dictates the terms. Whether it's a full-on encounter or just sharing a pint and a snog, only you decide when and with whom. Remember, it's your match; play at your own pace.
  • Stay cool, stay calm: If the nerves kick in, remember to take a breather. Deep breaths, a bit of mindfulness, maybe even a cheeky gin and tonic – do what helps you chill. You wouldn’t want nerves mucking up what could be a cracking evening.
  • You're the gaffer: Don't ever forget – you're in the driving seat. Feel something's off? Pull the brakes. Nobody, and I mean nobody, should press you into anything you’re not feeling. And if a 'no' is on your lips, let it out with confidence.
  • Savour the simplicity: Who said anything about going all the way on day one? A gentle embrace, a soft kiss, or just lying close can be just as invigorating. Take it slow, and let the atmosphere brew naturally.
Above all, it’s about connecting – mind, body, and soul. Shed the weight of expectations, and let the priority be creating a bond with someone special. So, here's to unforgettable nights and shared smiles – may you have many!

The gentle dance of mutual masturbation

Ever thought of dipping your toes into the pool without going for a full swim? Mutual masturbation can be a brilliant starting point. It offers a slow, measured intro, letting you get familiar with another bloke's physique while helping him get the gist of yours. Fancy spending an entire session just on this? Go on, take the lead. Let the rhythm flow, enjoy the build-up, and when the time feels right, maybe switch to a different tune.
Playing it safe

One massive perk of mutual masturbation? It's on the safer end of the spectrum. With no exchange of bodily fluids, you're in the clear from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But always good to have your wits about you.

Wise up

Whether you're all about gentle touches or diving into deeper waters, regular check-ups are your best mates. Give the clinic a shout at least once a year, or more if you're mixing up partners often. Stay savvy, gents.

Decoding the Delights of Oral Intimacy: What Every Gent Should Know

Oral delicacies

Oral sex - a game of lips, tongues, and tantalising sensations. From a gentleman's crown jewels to more hidden realms, it's about using the mouth to explore and pleasure your mate's sensitive spots. You could make it the main event of the night, or perhaps just a teasing starter before the main course.

LOVE Team Tip
Fancy trying anilingus? Top-notch cleanliness is the order of the day for both partners. A thorough scrubbing is key.

Safety first, lads

While oral might seem like light-hearted fun, there's still a chance of some unwanted guests (think herpes and the like) making an appearance. The culprits? Oral mucosa and various body fluids. So, whether it's a condom or a dental dam, gear up to keep things both spicy and safe.

Diving deeper: all about anal pleasure and playing it safe

Anal adventures

Anal penetration, thanks to the tickling of the prostate, can unlock new realms of pleasure for many gents. But here's a note for the newcomers – it's not every man's cup of tea. And that's okay. The success of your intimate relationship isn't hinging on this alone. And while 'the real deal' might come to mind first, there's a range of options, from playful fingers to the variety of toys like anal plugs.

The prep work

Thinking of embarking on this journey? The LOVE team gives a nod to an anal enema using an enema bulb. It's all about ensuring a clean and comfortable experience for both.

Safety in the sack

Now, for the serious bit. HIV frequently tags along with penetration, whether it's the back door or front. So, chaps, condoms are your trusty shields. Remember, protection first.
Lube up, and not just for an extra slip and slide! A good lubricant cuts down the chances of any discomfort or nasty tears. While water-based options play well with condoms, those silicone-based ones stick around longer – just be sure you're both on the clear with screenings before skipping the rubber. Need a bit more insight on this slippery subject? Read our buyer’s guide "How to choose the perfect lubricant", for a deep dive.

Tooling up in the bedroom: the gentleman's guide to men's toys

A whole new world of playthings

Men's toys are not just limited to what’s parked in the garage. The bedroom has its own collection of gadgets, each offering unique pleasures and experiences.

  • Butt plugs: Your ticket to a slow and enticing tour of the backdoor wonders.
  • Dildos: With a vast array of sizes, textures, and appearances, these offer dynamic penetration possibilities, ensuring there's something for every preference.
  • Cock rings: Seeking a firmer stance and a grander finale? These little wonders restrict blood flow, amplifying erections and orgasms.
  • Vibrators: These buzzing buddies can caress and titillate from the penis to the prostate.

Safety first, even in play

While using toys can be a risk-free affair, cleanliness is paramount. Make sure you give them a thorough scrub down before and after use to keep any unwanted bacteria at bay. Sharing is caring, but if you're letting your partner take a spin with your toy, clean it well and consider using a condom to keep things both steamy and safe.