A taste of love: your gourmet guide to bedroom bliss

Posted on 25 September 2023 by Natalia
A taste of love: your gourmet guide to bedroom bliss

Gastronomy and eroticism have always shared a cheeky wink throughout history. 'Food Sex' isn't just about a tantalising taste; it's a sultry soiree where flavours, textures, and tingles come together for an utterly unforgettable intimate encounter.

Think about it: both food and passion are universal pleasures. They appeal to our senses, evoke emotions, and often leave us wanting more. From chocolate-covered strawberries shared on a quiet night in, to the playful dribble of honey or whipped cream, the marriage of food and intimacy is nothing short of delectable. So, why not blend these two delights and let your culinary creativity run wild in the bedroom? After all, there’s nothing quite like a feast that caters to all your senses.

The perks of “Food Sex”

Love and food are, without a doubt, two of life's greatest pleasures. But when you mix them up? Oh, you're in for a feast of unexpected delights.

  • Strengthening your intimate bond: By stirring food into your romantic escapades, you and your partner venture into fresh territory together. It's a chance to rediscover one another, sharing giggles, shivers, and even moments of vulnerability.
  • Exploring your sensory side: While nibbling on strawberries dipped in chocolate or sipping a sweet wine might be divine, it's also about playing with various textures against the skin. Imagine admiring the allure of a body glistening with honey or whipped cream, or taking in the scent of a fresh fruit or spice. With Food Sex, you're diving into a world where taste, touch, sight, and smell come together, amplifying arousal and sensory discovery.
  • Breaking out of your regular routine: Delving into Food Sex is like sprinkling a rare spice onto a well-loved dish. Whether you fancy a bit of whipped cream fun or an all-out gourmet evening, each tryst promises to be unique and rejuvenating.


The epitome of love and seduction, chocolate surely tops the aphrodisiac charts. Melted and silky, it's perfect for drizzling on the skin, indulgent licks, or even for spicing things up a bit more... cheekily.


  • Strawberries: Fresh and juicy, these little red gems scream romance, especially when dunked in chocolate.
  • Grapes: Perfect for hand-feeding or plucking straight from your partner's lips, they add a splash of sophistication to the scene.
  • Bananas: Beyond the obvious implications, bananas can be a playful addition, given their texture and form.

Creams and sauces

  • Creams: Be it whipped, caramel, or vanilla – their delightfully rich texture is a treat when smeared on the skin.
  • Sauces: These can introduce a spicy or sweet dimension, but tread lightly! You'll want to avoid any burning sensations or discomfort. Remember to always patch-test and ensure you're using foodstuff that's skin-friendly.

Tips for a stellar “Food Sex” experience

Prepare for your session

  • Choose the right foods: Always go for fresh produce to guarantee the best taste and to minimise any risk of food poisoning. If you or your partner have allergies, it's absolutely vital to select your goodies with caution to dodge any reactions.
  • Set the scene: Craft an atmosphere that stokes both relaxation and arousal for a more immersive rendezvous.

Think about your hygiene and safety

  • Clean up: Before getting playful with fruits or veggies, make sure to give them a good rinse to get rid of any pesticides or lingering nasties.
  • Avoid infections: Steer clear from introducing overtly sugary foods or those high in yeast directly to intimate areas. They can mess with the natural balance and ramp up the risk of infections.

Pair your food with some well-chosen sex toys

  • Choose the right toys: If you're thinking of adding sex toys to the mix, opt for models made of non-porous materials like silicone, stainless steel, or glass. These champs are a doddle to clean and are less likely to harbour bacteria.
  • Use your toys wisely: Sex toys can dial up the 'Food Sex' experience a notch. For instance, a little vibrator can add zing while savouring a treat. Always ensure a thorough clean for toys both pre and post-use, especially if they've mingled with food.