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Looking to spice up your naughty evenings at home? Try a sexy game! We carry a wide selection of steamy couple's games, which will inspire you for the rest of the night's activities. Sexy Truth or Dare cards, sex dice, challenges and different'll have so much fun staying up late with your partner playing games that you won't want to go to sleep. Heat things up while strengthening your intimate bond with our selection of sexy games for lovers!

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Pack of 20 penis straws
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Are you and your partner looking to add some extra fun to your pleasure sessions? Sexy games are the perfect gift to increase a couple's libido and strengthen their intimate bond. These naughty challenges can be taken on any time that you'd like (during a couple's evening in or during foreplay, for example). Things will quickly heat up, and before long you'll no longer be able to contain the desire that you feel for your partner! We carry many different games to start your sexy evening off right:

  • Erotic versions of Truth or Dare (complete with sexy intimate questions and steamy dares)
  • Sexy dice games (just roll the dice to receive a very sexy assignment)
  • Advice-giving card games (tons of information about oral sex, hot sexual positions, using accessories, etc.)

And the list goes on! You and your partner will have a blast playing our sexy games, as your excitement and desire continue to rise. Add some well-chosen sex toys to the mix for extra fun: dildos, vibrating love eggs, couples vibrators, etc. Your steamy evening for two will truly be unforgettable!

You can also give a sexy game as a gift for a birthday party, a hen do...any occasion is the right time for an erotic game. As a cheeky holiday gift, a sexy game is bound to make every member of the family laugh! Who wouldn't smile after receiving an inflatable penis chair or a set of penis straws?
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