The top 5 sexiest cocktails for a Valentine’s Night in

Posted on 9 February 2024 by Natalia
The top 5 sexiest cocktails for a Valentine’s Night in
Planning a cosy night in this Valentine's Day and searching for that little something to sweep your significant other off their feet? Look no further! The LOVE Team is here with a guide to the 5 sexiest cocktails to spice up your evening. Allow us to escort you on this sensual and unforgettable journey.

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the love and connection you share with your partner. Beyond candlelit dinners and bouquets of flowers, whipping up a special cocktail can turn a simple evening into a truly magical and memorable moment. This is where the LOVE Team steps in, armed with unique recipes to craft the 5 sexiest cocktails, designed to make your Valentine's evening an unforgettable experience. Choosing the right cocktail is crucial: it's not just about enjoying a delicious drink, but also about creating an atmosphere where inhibitions fade away, paving the way for laughter, intimate conversations, and tender moments shared.

Forget the traditional bottle of wine and embrace adventure and discovery. Why not try each of our cocktails and find the one that captivates you the most? Each sip will be a promise of pleasure, a secret shared just between the two of you. However, remember that the key to a successful evening lies in moderation. Let these cocktails enrich your night, without becoming the centre of it.

Soupe de champagne: a timeless classic with a twist

Valentine's Day is the ideal time to give classic cocktails a fresh twist, adding a spark of originality to your evening. Soupe de champagne (champagne soup), an iconic apéritif from the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, will give your evening a touch of class. This elegant cocktail blends the sophistication of champagne with a touch of freshness and exoticism, promising to surprise and delight your partner.
To whip up this delicious elixir for two, start by gently pouring 1 ladle of Cointreau, an orange liqueur with intense aromas, into a carafe. Then add 1 ladle of cane syrup for sweetness, and ½ a ladle of fresh lemon juice, which will provide the necessary tangy zip to balance out the cocktail. The final step, and certainly not the least, is to slowly incorporate a bottle of chilled champagne. This ingredient, with its light bubbles and distinctive taste, will elevate the drink to unparalleled levels of refinement and enjoyment.

Presenting this cocktail is an art form: opt for flutes or coupes, which will not only highlight the visual beauty of your creation but will also enchant the taste buds. Soup de champagne stands out for its festive appearance and its blend of bold and refined flavours, promising to make your Valentine's evening unforgettable.

This cocktail proves that traditions can always be reinvented to create unique and magical moments. Let yourself be seduced by this recipe which, with its simplicity and elegance, is sure to awaken the senses and beautify your romantic rendezvous.

Sex on the Beach: A tropical evening full of romance

The very name of this cocktail conjures images of wild romance and adventure, making Sex on the Beach a bold and exciting choice for an extraordinary Valentine's Day. This iconic cocktail, with its tropical flavours and evocative name, promises to whisk you and your partner away to distant exotic lands without ever leaving the comfort of your home.
To prepare this liquid getaway, you'll need to combine the following ingredients in a shaker: 1 part vodka as the spirit base, 1 part Peach schnapps for a fruity sweetness, a dash of orange juice, and a dash of cranberry juice, the latter two adding a tropical touch and a slight acidity that perfectly balances the drink. Add a few ice cubes to cool it down, shake vigorously to blend the flavours and chill, then serve in a tall glass for the optimal tasting experience. Add an orange slice for a little something extra.

Sex on the Beach is a memorable drink not only for its suggestive name but also for its exceptional taste, offering a rich sensory experience that will stimulate both your taste buds and imagination. It's the ideal cocktail for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their evening, inviting relaxation, intimate conversation, and perhaps the discovery of your own secret beach.

Whipping up a Sex on the Beach is an act of affection, a promise of shared pleasure that will make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.

The Cosmopolitan: The Quintessence of Urban Love in Pink

Emanating the glamour and enthralling narratives of the iconic Sex and the City, the Cosmopolitan transcends the realm of mere cocktails to become a beacon of sophistication and zest for life. Its captivating pink shade and crisp, airy flavours render it the quintessential drink for Valentine's Day, lending an edge of sophistication to your evening.
Crafting this emblematic tipple begins with the addition of 40ml of vodka to a shaker, establishing the cocktail's backbone of purity and serene potency. Follow this with 20ml of triple sec, like Cointreau or Grand Marnier, infusing a nuanced citrus sweetness. Add 20ml of cranberry juice next, awarding the Cosmopolitan its hallmark pink allure and a dash of tartness, then round it off with 10ml of fresh lime juice for a burst of vivacity. Vigorously shake the concoction with ice to cool without watering down, then strain into a sleek martini glass for serving.

The pièce de résistance: garnish with a lime wheel perched on the glass's edge, adding a visually appealing cue and a hint of the zestful delight awaiting at first sip. The Cosmopolitan is more than a drink; it's an emblem of audacious, uncompromising love in the modern age.

Perfect for those aiming to weave a narrative thread through their Valentine's Day soirée, the Cosmopolitan conjures the romantic adventures and unbreakable ties of "Sex and the City's" leading ladies. Offering up a Cosmopolitan is akin to inviting Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda's essence to your gathering, perhaps sparking your own equally compelling and memorable love tales.

Sangria: Love espanol-style

Sangria, with its roots deeply entrenched in Spanish tradition, is the perfect cocktail for those looking to add a layer of warmth and conviviality to their Valentine's Day soirée. Paired with a selection of tapas, sangria promises a festive and unforgettable culinary experience.
To concoct this bewitching beverage, start by squeezing the juice of one lemon, then slice the other into rounds, making sure to remove any seeds. Do the same with an orange, squeezing out the juice. In a large jug, pour in your choice of wine, adding the lemon slices, lemon juice, orange juice, 4 tablespoons of caster sugar to sweeten the blend, and a cinnamon stick for a spicy, comforting note. Gently stir the mixture to dissolve the sugar, then add 750ml of sparkling mineral water to introduce a light and bubbly texture.

The final touch: cover and chill the sangria for at least an hour before serving. This step allows the flavours to meld together harmoniously, creating a drink that is both refreshing and complex.

Sangria is the perfect choice for a themed evening, inviting a journey to the bustling alleys of Spain. This pitcher cocktail is not only practical, sparing the need to get up for refills, but it also fosters a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Sangria stands out for its ability to bring people together, offering an ideal pretext for lively conversations and shared laughter.

Let sangria be the heart of your evening, promising a night filled with joy, flavours, and memorable moments.

The Diabolo of Love: a non-alcoholic alternative for a tender evening

In the sparkling world of Valentine's Day cocktails, the Diabolo of Love stands out for its simplicity and sweetness, offering a refreshing and entirely non-alcoholic option to celebrate love. This cocktail is a testament to love in itself, proving that the company of your partner is all you need for a memorable evening. With its vibrant colour and fizzy flavours, it's perfect for those wanting to cherish every moment with total clarity
To prepare this gentle elixir, simply pour 30ml of pomegranate syrup into a glass, bringing a depth of colour and a rich, fruity taste that evokes passion and love. Top up with 150ml of lemonade to add a joyful fizz and the perfect balance between sweetness and tartness. Stir gently to blend the flavours together.

For the finishing touch, garnish your cocktail with a fresh mint leaf, adding a burst of freshness and colour, or choose a maraschino cherry for an extra hint of sweetness and an irresistible presentation. These garnishes don't just beautify the glass; they also enrich the taste experience, making Love's Diabolo as delightful to look at as it is to drink.

Whether you opt to enjoy it at the start of the evening to awaken the taste buds or as a sweet conclusion to your Valentine's meal, this non-alcoholic cocktail promises a delicious and unforgettable experience. Celebrate your love with clarity and joy, a glass of the Diabolo of Love in hand.
As we wrap up our exploration of Valentine’s Day cocktails, with their rich flavours and vibrant colours, it’s our hope that we’ve inspired you to mark the occasion of love in a truly special and unforgettable way. Whether you opt for a toast with one of our character-rich alcoholic creations or choose to enjoy the softer, bubbly delights of our non-alcoholic selection, the essence of the celebration is to cherish the evening with your significant other.

Valentine’s Day is the ideal moment to rekindle connections, share joy, and forge new memories, all with a drink in hand. We wish you an extraordinary Valentine’s evening, filled to the brim with love, closeness, and taste sensations. Whatever your beverage of choice may be, let this night sing a serenade to love, warmth, and companionship. Here’s to love, in every shape and form!