The top 8 most exciting female fantasies revealed: our readers tell all!

Posted on 24 February 2023 by Natalia
The top 8 most exciting female fantasies revealed: our readers tell all!
Fantasies are a part of a healthy and satisfying sex life. Oftentimes, unbridled imagination undeniably develops and reinforces our sexual fulfilment!
That's why the LOVE Team has reached out to our loyal female fanbase to get them to reveal all. Here, you’ll read all about 8 of our readers’ wildest fantasies – and whether they went through with their fantasies or not!

1. Having sex with another woman

Having sex with another woman
Sex with another woman is one of the most common fantasies for straight women. However, fantasising about another woman doesn’t mean that you’re gay: many women are simply attracted to exploring a female body that is identical to their own, yet so different.


The desire for a new experience or to escape an old routine can sometimes be the source of these fantasies. Penetration isn’t the only way to achieve orgasm, and some women want to try something new.

Of course, this fantasy is not a threat to your relationship with your boyfriend or husband. Discuss your desires and boundaries with your partner: sharing an exciting experience will strengthen your relationship.
However, as 24-year-old Jenny* explains, most women don't really want to act on this fantasy: "The idea of having sex with a woman turns me on, but that doesn’t mean that I’d actually act on it. My boyfriend makes me very happy and I don't want to mess that up. I keep this little fantasy in the back of my mind and sometimes I think about it while masturbating, that's all!

2. Having a threesome with two men

While most people associate the fantasy of having a threesome with men, many women also dream of spending the night with two lovers. The feeling of being loved and appreciated by two people at the same time can be very exciting.

If you decide to go ahead with a threesome, be aware that the experience can be intense, but that the rules need to be made very clear beforehand. Be especially careful when choosing a third partner: if it is someone you know well, issues of jealousy and betrayal may pop up in your regular relationship. Julie*, 34, says: "The idea of having a threesome was really exciting to my boyfriend and me. But unfortunately we chose his best friend as a third. Our relationship pretty much went rotten after we went through with it. One too many arguments, you know?”.
This totally normal fantasy may very likely put some unexpected strain on your relationship if you actually go through with it. Be careful when choosing your second partner…but don’t forget to have fun!

3. Experimenting with BDSM

Experimenting BDSM

The world of BDSM is fascinating and exciting. There have been numerous films and books dedicated to using handcuffs and whips, contributing to its popularity. Louise*, 41 years old, confides: "Before I saw 50 Shades of Grey, I didn’t know the first thing about bondage play. I drummed up enough courage to talk to my husband about it: it was the best decision of my life! Our sex life has become more fun than ever before and experimenting with BDSM has definitely strengthened our intimate bond. It was a bit scary at first, but now I can't imagine our sex life without it!

If you want to start experimenting with BDSM, it is important to get your partner's consent. Make sure you discuss it with them and set boundaries that you won’t cross.

Start by buying sexy BDSM-themed toys and looking at books and websites. That way, you’ll learn about the different sides of BDSM and you’ll find out what suits you best.

Experimenting with BDSM will enhance your sex life, but remember to always respect your partner's limits. Respecting basic safety rules will always allow you to enjoy your experience to the full.

4. Having sex with a stranger

Sex with a stranger can be an opportunity to break free from social norms. The experience of pure pleasure without worrying about social burdens is a great source of excitement for many women. As Valerie*, 26, explains: "The idea of sleeping with a stranger has always appealed to me. I'm fascinated by the idea of breaking the rules and I’ve always wanted to break free from my strict upbringing, but deep down I know I'd never actually go through with it. I love scrolling through dating apps, but I wouldn’t go any further than that.

Remember, in real life, having sex with a stranger isn’t a risk-free affair. A safer alternative is to role-play with your partner. For example, you could pretend to meet for the first time in a bar, have a drink and then continue the adventure at home! Thrills and spills are guaranteed.

5. Having sex in public

Having sex in public despite the risk of being discovered is a common female fantasy. The idea alone is enough to increase the production of dopamine, a hormone associated with arousal and adrenaline. Maya*, 45, says: "With my husband, our sex life was boring and routine. We never left the bedroom and sex outside the bed was unthinkable. He suggested that we have sex in public one day. The idea seemed crazy to me, but I went along with it just to please him. We went to a nearby park at night. I started to give him head against a tree and he came almost immediately. A few seconds later, someone walked past us. They could have seen us, which really turned us on. We’re thinking of doing it again soon, this time in a more remote area!”.

If you are planning to have sex in public, be careful. Choose a place where there is little-to-no traffic, such as a car, a deserted beach, etc. Making love in public will free you from your inhibitions and give you quite the raunchy story to tell.

6. Sleeping with someone in uniform

Sleeping with someone in uniform
A woman’s attraction to a certain uniform is often an expression of the quality to which she is most attracted. For example, if you are attracted to firefighters, you probably value qualities such as courage and athleticism in your partner. Your preference for the white coat of a doctor reflects your need for your partner to take care of you.

To live out your fantasies, ask your partner to role play with you. Let your imagination guide you and set the scene for an exciting situation. Let's listen to Natalie, 38 years old: "For me, a police uniform is synonymous with strength and authority. My boyfriend, who is usually rather shy, dressed up as a policeman and was authoritative and bossy with me... I've never been so turned on!

7. Watching your partner have sex with another woman

Cuckqueaning is when a woman is aroused by the thought of watching her partner have sex with another woman. Many women are horrified by the thought of their partner being unfaithful. This fantasy is certainly linked to a desire for humiliation and victimisation. So be careful about encouraging your partner to act on this fantasy and take the time to discuss it with him to make sure you are both on the same page.

If you are turned on by the idea of him having sex with another woman, but are hesitant to put the fantasy into practice, you can try role-playing or using disguises. Try wearing a wig and filming yourselves having sex! That way, you’ll have your own personal sex tape of your partner with “another woman” In any case, it is important to always be clear about what you want. Sandra, 30, says: "I like to fantasise about my husband sleeping with someone else, but I couldn't bear to see it in real life. The thought of him cheating on me is sexy, but only in my imagination. It would hurt like hell for him to actually do it.

8. Sleeping with a star

Have you always fantasised about Brad Pitt or George Clooney? You’re definitely not the only one! Dreaming about a Hollywood hunk may reveal a certain dissatisfaction about your current relationship. Perhaps your sexy idol has certain qualities that your real-life paramour is missing. This fantasy could also be evidence of your overactive imagination!
Remember that appearances are often deceptive: meeting the object of your desire may not be everything you’ve been dreaming of! It may be tempting to throw yourself into the arms, but be prepared for disappointment.
Carmen*, 25, actually lived the dream, which quickly turned into a nightmare: "One night I met my favourite actor in a club. We danced together for a good part of the evening, but very quickly the situation went south. He was dodgy and had his hands all over me. He made me feel really uncomfortable. Since then, when I see him in films or on television, it makes me recoil a bit.