How to experiment with temperature play

Posted on 24 February 2023 by Natalia
How to experiment with temperature play
Temperature play can be a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life. Alternating between hot and cold sensations allows you to explore new kinds of stimulation during sex. There are many ways to play around with temperature during your regular sex sessions.
So, ready to feel the heat? Just listen to the LOVE Team!

Give your partner chills with ice cubes

ice cubes
Surprise your partner with ice cubes! The sudden sensation of cold is sure to arouse your lover when you slide ice all over their most sensitive erogenous zones (e.g. nipples, penis, clit, etc.).


To make things even more surprising, blindfold them to increase their sensations!

You can also use other foods from the freezer, like ice cream. Be careful not to leave ice or frozen food on their direct skin for too long.

Heat things up with candle wax

Hot wax is bound to raise the temperature in your bedroom. Tie your partner's hands to the bed and drip trails of hot wax on their chest or back before moving on to other more sensitive areas, such as their arms or thighs.


Be careful to avoid their genitals, which are a little too sensitive for this game!

Make sure that you use BDSM candles that are suitable for sex play. Ordinary candles are much too hot, making them unsuitable for intimate play. Always check the temperature of the wax before using it.

Turn your partner on with heated massage oil

Another tip is to give your partner a hot oil massage. The warmth of the oil will help them relax and get ready for more intense lovemaking.

If you want to give your partner a full body massage, check out our article How to give your partner an erotic massage to make your session absolutely unforgettable!

Play with a heated sex toy

Heated sex toys treat you to a completely new experience. A hated shaft or orifice will perfectly replicate the body temperature of a real partner, making your session even more realistic.

You can choose the sex toy that suits you best from a wide range of options:  dildos, masturbators, vibrators or prostate massagers.

Heated sex toys can also be used to relax and relieve muscle tension.
Remember that heated sex toys require careful cleaning for your hygiene and safety. Read the instructions carefully before using your toy and check the temperature of your sex toy regularly.

Dare to use a sex toy made of metal or glass

metal end glass dildos

Sex toys made of glass or metal (like dildosanal plugs or prostate massagers) can be warmed up or cooled down for even more intense sensations. In the wintertime, dip your metal or glass sex toy in hot water. In the summer, dip it in cold water.


To avoid any risk of burns, test your hot or cold toy on a less sensitive part of the body before using it on your genitals.

Never use a microwave or boiling water to heat up your sex toy.

Temperature play will give your sex life a shot in the arm. There are many possibilities, so choose the one that excites you the most. Remember to always respect your partner’s boundaries, as consent is essential when it comes to partner play.