Some interesting facts about kissing

Posted on 5 July 2021 by Natalia
Some interesting facts about kissing
On Tuesday July 6th, fans of smooching everywhere will be celebrating International Kissing Day. Of course, as a shop selling toys for adults, we couldn't resist giving this special day its due.

After all, International Kissing Day isn't just a day to celebrate kisses between couples or lovers, but also between friends, or a mother and her child.

In honour of IKD, here are some surprising facts about kisses, smooches, smacks, and even French kisses:

1 - Kissing is an athletic activity

Kissing activates 34 facial muscles. Impressive, isn't it? So forget the gym, and feel the burn by spending some quality time with your partner (after all, making love for 30 minutes can burn up to 350 calories).

2 - French kissing is good for your health!

Apparently, French kissing is great for your immune system. During an average make-out session, you'll exchange 50 million bacteria with your partner, which will help your body fight viruses, infections and allergies. On the other hand, if you are already sick, avoid kissing anyone, as you might pass your illness on.

3 - The best stress reliever

Kissing someone will make you feel relaxed and much less stressed. Why? Because kissing releases oxytocin (a hormone that lowers your blood pressure and heart rate) and endorphins (the happiness hormone).

4 - You can learn a lot from a kiss

Mothers can tell right away if their children are feverish or not by kissing them. Cute. As for you singletons, kissing will allow you to gather olfactory information about potential partners. Amazing!

5 - Of course, the best part is that kissing is great foreplay

Many, if not all, sexual encounters begin with a kiss. Kissing allows both partners to have a pleasure-filled erotic experience, to get to know each other and to explore each other's bodies with their mouths!
Fun facts

The longest kiss in the world lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

The film with the record number of kisses is Don Juan (1926) with 127 kisses.

Until 1966, kisses in films could not last longer than 3 seconds, according to the Hays code, a set of industry guidelines censoring the production of films in the USA.

A kiss burns about 6.4 calories per minute.