Anal douche

Using an anal douche is the best way to ensure that you practice anal sex in the most hygienic and comfortable conditions possible. A shower enema will help you clean your rectal region quickly and efficiently. Simply screw the nozzle onto your shower hose to give yourself a quick clean during your regular bathroom routine. Anal douching also feels amazing, since you'll experience intense sensations as the warm water enters your most intimate area. Our high quality anal douches and shower enema nozzles are easy to use and will make you feel your best before your next anal sex session.

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Anal douching is a great way to give you peace of mind during anal sex. More effective than an enema bulb, a shower enema will allow you to thoroughly clean every corner of your anal region in record time. Our shower enema nozzles are incredibly easy (and fun) to use. First, unscrew the regular head from your shower hose and replace it with the enema nozzle. Then, slowly insert the nozzle into your anus and turn on the warm water to enjoy an invigorating anal douche session. Using an anal douche is also a very pleasurable and stimulating experience. Some of our shower enema models are even designed to increase anal stimulation during cleansing, with a curved shape and anal beads. Our anal douches deliver intense sensations, making your intimate cleaning session a moment of total relaxation. Increase the flow of water for even more pleasure, but make sure that you do so slowly and always listen to your body.       

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