Menstrual cup

Have a happier period by switching to a silicone menstrual cup! Much more affordable and environmentally friendly than tampons and sanitary pads, these menstrual cups will change your daily routine during your period! Once you've inserted one of our easy-to-use menstrual cups into your vagina, you'll forget about it, so you can get on with your day as comfortably as possible. Try it once and you'll love it! Like most women who have taken the plunge, you'll never go back to disposable tampons or pads!

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Our reusable cups are so easy to use, that you'll forget about tampons! Just insert a high-quality silicone menstrual cup into your vagina during your period, and the experience will be so easy and comfortable that you'll never buy pads ever again. Our cups collect four times more blood than traditional menstrual products and are reusable. You no longer have to count the minutes until the next time you have to change your tampon. Insertion is easy, with a much more comfortable feel than a tampon. Enjoy all of your favourite activities without thinking about your flow, as this reusable vaginal cup offers high-quality, safe, convenient and effective protection. Whatever the intensity of your flow or the size of your cervix, our menstrual cup offers optimal protection throughout the day. With or without a silicone stem, the menstrual cup is very easy to insert and remove; after a few tries, it will become easier and easier to insert and remove. Our recommended method is to fold the cup in half before you insert it. 

To fit all body types, the cups come in several sizes. Choosing the right cup size for you is important to prevent leakage and to find the fit that will feel best for your vagina. The size you choose not only depends on your flow but also your age and whether or not you have already given birth vaginally. Have an easier period by throwing out your tampons and sanitary pads! The menstrual cup is a real revolution in menstrual hygiene protection. So many women find it much easier and more comfortable to use and remove. It also captures so much more blood than tampons and pads, and you can wear it all night long. Remember to clean your cup with mild soap and warm water.

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