Protect yourself every time that you have sex by wearing a condom. The male latex condom is the only type of contraception that is effective against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as AIDS when worn correctly. Our condoms are effective and will feel great on your penis during sex. Our male condoms have a comfortable stretch and are thin, so they fit all penis sizes and feel natural. Our latex condoms with lube offer total control and prevention at the right price. After all, your sexual health and the people you love are what matter most.

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Male condoms for totally safe sex

Wearing a condom during sex will protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as HIV. Condoms also offer effective protection against pregnancy. They will not decrease stimulation and will help you practice safe sex. Simply glide a male latex or polyurethane condom gently over your erect penis to prevent breakage. A condom will also act as a contraceptive, preventing pregnancy. Wearing a condom while using a sex toy will help make cleaning much easier by collecting your semen.

There are many kinds of condoms: latex-free for allergy sufferers, female, with or without personal lube, or ultra-thin! Our condoms have a comfortable stretch, but for increased pleasure, we have different models to fit the size of your member perfectly. Best of all, these contraceptive products do not decrease male or female pleasure. Use lube to ensure comfort and ultra-pleasurable sensations. If your partner has a sensitive vagina, she'll prefer lubricated condoms for a more comfortable feel.

Buy a box of condoms to be ready for sex at any time! You can even pack a box in your suitcase to protect yourself during vacation sex. You should make sure that the fit of the condom is snug enough to prevent sperm and semen from leaking out. Wearing a male or female condom correctly is the best protection against the transmission of STIs, HIV, as well as unplanned pregnancy. Condoms will help prevent the transmission of STDs, as you enjoy the best sex ever.

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