How to use a blow-up doll

What could be more exciting than exploring your desires and fantasies with a blow-up doll? To get the most out of your doll, you need to learn how to use and care for it properly.

In this how-to guide, the LOVE Team will explain how to best enjoy your blow-up doll so that you can enjoy its charms for many years to come.

1. Clean your doll before using it

Clean your doll before using it for the first time, as the surface may still have dust particles from the manufacturing process. Gently wipe your doll with a damp sponge, taking care not to leave any soap residue. Allow the doll to air dry before enjoying her company.

2. Inflate your doll

We recommend that you only inflate your doll by using your mouth, slowly. Using a pump (automatic or manual) may weaken the doll’s seams. Do not overinflate your doll. Your doll should feel firm to the touch, but not too rigid.

Inflating your doll can take several minutes and requires patience. Taking the time to inflate your doll correctly will prevent damage and ensure safe use.

3. Dress up your doll

Dressing up your doll isn’t necessary, but it will add to the realism of the experience. It's up to you to give your doll the look that suits you best! Casual or elegant, uniforms (nurse, stewardess, etc.), evening gowns, lace or even lingerie, high heels and jewellery...the only limit is your imagination!

You can also use a wig to change your doll’s look. By changing the colour of your doll’s hair, you’ll feel like you’re spending the evening in the company of a totally different woman!

When dressing your doll, be careful not to damage her. Do not use tight-fitting clothes and remove them carefully at the end of your session.

4. Explore your doll's body

Take time to discover the different parts of your doll and appreciate her beauty. Stroke her to feel her realistic texture, her soft and generous breasts, and her soft skin. Positioning your doll's limbs in different ways will allow you to imagine the sexual positions you may want to try.

Admire your doll’s realistic details: her face is meticulously made up, accentuating her expressive features and luscious mouth. Her eyelashes are delicate, and her nails are manicured.

5. Prepare to penetrate your doll

This step is important and will increase your pleasure. There are a number of products and techniques you can use to enhance the realism of your encounter.

First, you can insert a  USB-powered hole warmer into the doll's orifices until you reach the body temperature of a real woman. That way, you’ll really feel like you’re entering a real woman’s body.

If your doll is equipped with a vibrating bullet, the stimulation will be more intense. Press the button and insert the bullet into the orifice of your choice. The good vibrations will overwhelm you with pleasure!

You can also inject some water-based lubricant into the doll’s orifices (using a lubricant injector). The lube will help you glide back and forth for even more pleasure.

6. Wear a condom

The LOVE Team recommends that you wear a condom while penetrating your blow-up doll’s orifices. Inflatable dolls generally do not have removable orifices, so wearing a condom during penetration will make it easier to clean the doll. Wearing a condom will also protect the delicate interior of the doll's orifice. If you wear a condom, your doll will last longer, so you’ll be able to enjoy her company for years to come!

7. Place your doll in the position of your choice

Customise your experience to make it even more realistic: place your doll in any sexual position you like. The only limit is your imagination! For example, a "standing" doll is perfect for the classic missionary position. If your doll is in a "sitting" position, you’ll love the way she feels during doggy style or cowgirl, or even a more sensual position like "making love on the couch".

Note that some dolls have more flexible joints than others. Be gentle in your movements and be careful not to twist her limbs. Start with easier positions before trying more acrobatic ones. Try not to put your entire weight on the doll, as this may cause air leaks.

8. Penetrate your doll

Penetrating your doll will give you a realistic sexual experience. Start with slow thrusting movements and gradually increase the rhythm as you get increasingly excited.

During your encounter, you’ll be the master of the situation: choose the pace that suits you best. Whether you enjoy slow and sensual lovemaking or more hardcore sex, just focus on the sensations and enjoy your experience!

9. Clean your doll after every session

Cleaning your doll after every session will keep her in excellent condition for years to come.
  • Rinse the doll’s orifices with water using an enema bulb. This will remove any residue and fluids.
  • Dry the inside of the orifice with a moisture-absorbing stick. The orifice should be completely dry afterward.
  • Clean the body of the doll with a damp sponge. Use warm water and mild soap to remove dirt and lubricant residue. Wipe the doll thoroughly to remove any soap residue.
  • Allow the doll to dry completely before storing it, preferably in the open air to allow air circulation. The openings must be completely dry to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria.

Never use harsh cleaning products, as this could damage the doll’s fragile material.

10. Store your doll

After cleaning your doll, remember to store it in just the right place. Avoid deflating and re-inflating the doll too often, as this may damage the seams.

Choose a place that is cool, clean, free of dust and moisture. Avoid high temperatures or places where there are drastic variations in temperature.

Of course, it is best to find a discreet storage area away from prying eyes.

Finally, protect your doll from bumps and scratches by covering it with a soft cotton sheet.

We hope this guide will help you get the most out of your doll. We recommend that you take the time to get to know your doll and take good care of it.

At LOVE AND VIBES we believe that everyone deserves to have intense erotic experiences. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us: the LOVE team is here to help. Have fun!