I’m afraid of getting on top! : How to enjoy the cowgirl position with confidence

Posted on 2 July 2024 by Natalia
I’m afraid of getting on top! : How to enjoy the cowgirl position with confidence
Feeling nervous about the cowgirl position? Don't fret, it's completely natural to be afraid of getting up on top! Let the LOVE Team guide you with our top tips for riding your partner. Soon, you'll be mastering this art with ease and confidence.

Getting up on top during sex is a true delight for the senses, yet many women are too nervous to give it a go. Thankfully, the LOVE Team is here to give you a helping hand, encouraging you to take the leap with confidence and assurance. This position, which men just love, also appeals to women for a number of reasons.

But why are some of us hesitant to try it? We'll explore the reasons that hold women back, before revealing the numerous advantages of the cowgirl position for both partners. Plus, we'll share some handy hints for a successful first ride! So, ladies, ready to take the reins for once?

Why we love cowgirl: a position with several benefits

The cowgirl is the perfect position for spicing up your sex life and strengthening the intimate bond you share with your partner. This daring position boasts numerous advantages for both partners. Here's why we love the cowgirl and why you should also give it a try:

  • It gives your partner a stunning view of your body: In the cowgirl position, your partner will enjoy a thrilling view of your entire body. Your curves and sensual movements will definitely drive your man wild.
  • It gives your partner easy access to your other erogenous zones: Cowgirl allows your partner to effortlessly stimulate other parts of your body, such as your breasts, clitoris, or buttocks. This extra stimulation will increase your pleasure and create an even more intense connection between you both.
  • It allows you to take control to drive him wild: By positioning yourself on top, you’ll become a goddess in charge. Far from being intimidating, this will be incredibly arousing for your partner, who will relish seeing you in action.
  • It gives your partner a welcome break: Cowgirl offers your partner the chance to catch their breath and fully savour the sensations. That way, you’re both contributing to the effort made, resulting in a more balanced and fulfilling experience for both of you.

Why are some women afraid to get up top?

Feeling somewhat apprehensive about the cowgirl position is completely normal. Here are some reasons why some women hesitate to give it a go.

  • You don’t want to show off your body: It's true that in this position, your partner has an unobstructed view of your entire body. The parts you're less fond of, such as your tummy or breasts, can become a source of worry and insecurity.
  • You’re afraid of lacking stamina: Cowgirl may seem like a position for sporty and athletic women only, as it involves performing back-and-forth movements. Some women may worry about not being up to the task or tiring quickly.
  • It offers a different sexual dynamic: If you're accustomed to more traditional positions, like missionary, cowgirl can represent a significant change. This new dynamic, where you take control, can be intimidating and unsettling.
  • You’re worried that you won’t give him enough pleasure: By taking charge, some women fear they won't be able to fully satisfy their partner, particularly when controlling the rhythm and intensity of movements.

Rest assured, ladies, these concerns are perfectly valid, but they shouldn't prevent you from exploring new experiences. The LOVE Team is here to help you overcome these apprehensions and approach cowgirl with confidence and serenity.

Our top tips for overcoming your insecurities and getting on top!

Here are our top tips for taming the cowgirl position and taking control with confidence.
  • Go at your own rhythm: If you're a beginner, you should start with a slow and progressive pace to avoid exhausting yourself right away. You can always adjust the intensity based on how your partner reacts.
  • Stimulate your erogenous zones: Ask your partner to caress your clitoris with his hand or a sex toy, like a bullet vibrator or clit stimulator. If you prefer breast play, ask them to tease your nipples or use nipple clamps.
  • Practice makes perfect: Kneel on your bed and place a pillow between your legs to familiarise yourself with the back-and-forth movements. For even more pleasure, prop a wand vibrator up between your legs and grind yourself against it.
  • Don’t forget foreplay: The more aroused you are, the more motivated you'll be to give it your all during sex. So, take your time to enjoy foreplay with your partner.
  • Watch porn: Watch some erotic videos for ideas on technique and rhythm, but keep in mind that porn isn't always realistic, so don’t forget to be yourself.
  • Let your partner guide you: Encourage your partner to show you what they like by grabbing your hips to control the rhythm.
  • Keep the lines of communication open: Keep talking with your partner during your session. You can even try some dirty talk to spice things up and express your preferences.

With these tips, you'll soon be ready to master the art of cowgirl and enjoy unforgettable sex with your partner. So, dare to give it a go and savour every moment!

Now you're all set to explore the delights of the cowgirl position and enjoy intense moments with your partner. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself! You can always experiment with other positions and mix things up.
The LOVE Team is always here to guide you in your sexual well-being. So, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Together, we’ll make your sex life better than ever!