How to choose a sex toy for your mate’s stag party

Celebrate your best mate's stag do with a gift that'll be the talk of the town. The LOVE Team is here to help you find the perfect sex toy that'll add a cheeky twist of humour and pleasure to the bash. Join us in discovering how to pick a toy that'll have everyone in stitches, while being a sparkling addition to the lucky lad's collection!

A stag do is a time-honoured tradition that marks the end of bachelorhood with a bit of madness and loads of camaraderie. Gifting a sex toy isn't just a playful nudge; it's a symbol of the shared laughs and bond among mates. In this guide, crafted with care by our LOVE Team, we'll explain why a sex toy can be the ideal present to bring a smile (and maybe a blush) to the face of the soon-to-be-wed. But that's not all! We've handpicked a range of irresistibly hilarious and enjoyable sex toys, perfect for cranking up the vibe of the stag. Whether you're after something bold or subtly saucy, we're here to help you choose the gift that'll make this stag do one for the history books.

Why a sex toy is the perfect gift for your mate’s stag party

Gifting a sex toy to your best mate for his stag do is more than just a tasteful joke; it's a knowing nod to his upcoming married life. Here are just a few reasons why a sex toy is the perfect gift for the occasion!

  • A dash of post-nuptial whimsy: Bedroom routines can become, well, routine, and a sex toy is the perfect partner in crime to shake things up. It's a gift that encourages exploration and pleasure, promising to spice up the couple's intimate moments, while also opening up new avenues for solo fun.
  • The element of surprise: Few gifts can match the surprise factor of a sex toy. Its unexpected nature and joyfully daring connotation are sure to spark laughter and smiles, making your gift a memorable talking point.
  • An incredible atmosphere guaranteed: At the stag, a sex toy can turn into the night's MVP, sparking lively discussions and bursts of laughter. It's a real ice-breaker, unleashing candid chats and juicy stories among friends.
  • A symbol of lasting friendship: Above all, giving such a gift shows your mate that you're there for him in every aspect of his life. It's an unspoken promise that you'll be a companion in his joys, discoveries, and even in his most intimate moments.

What sex toy should I give my mate for his stag do?

When it comes to picking a present for your best mate's stag party, originality and personalisation are key. You're looking for something that reflects your bond, brings a smile, and adds a unique flair to the celebration. Whether it's a humorous gift, a cheeky gadget, or something a bit more daring, the crucial thing is to choose a present that resonates with the personality and tastes of the groom-to-be. In this section, we'll suggest ideas that will make a mark on this special event, while staying true to the spirit of camaraderie and celebration.

A blow-up doll: the guest of honour for a memorable stag do

blow-up doll

When it comes to celebrating a stag do, a blow-up sex doll remains a classic, a party companion guaranteed to spark laughter and stories. More than just a gag, it becomes a symbol of the groom-to-be's last night of freedom.

Choose an ultra-realistic model to give the stag a little something extra, whether the night unfolds on the bustling city streets or in the privacy of a private bash.


Opt for a doll that resembles the groom's partner in terms of hair colour or body type, or dare to choose the complete opposite to explore the fantasy of a fleeting fling. Our top-of-the-line models feature generous curves and lifelike features, with orifices designed for pleasure, promising to become a cherished memento long after the party's over.

A pocket pussy: a discreet toy for the groom-to-be’s pleasure

pocket pussy

A pocket pussy is the go-to choice for the mate who values discretion without skimping on pleasure. This nifty gadget is a game-changer for solo play, a gateway to intense sensations and an enhanced sexual experience. The compact size means it can be taken anywhere, be it on a business trip or a lads' weekend away.

Its ease of use and quick clean-up are significant pluses, perfectly suited to the often hectic life of a married man. It's a gift that will easily find its place in his suitcase, promising to become a regular companion in his most intimate moments.

Gift him this fleshlight for his stag do, and hand him the key to sensual escapades always within reach. He'll thank you – in hushed tones – for this accessory that's sure to become his new best mate.

A vibrating cock ring: to help him up his post-wedding sexual performance

vibrating cock ring

A vibrating cock ring is the ultimate ingredient for a thrilling married sex life. Not only will it boost his erections during sex and help him last longer in bed, it will also introduce a buzzing twist to the married couple’s shared pleasure. This little wonder is designed to gently vibrate against your partner's most sensitive areas, ramping up the thrill for both of you.

This ring is more than a mere plaything – it's a ticket to nights filled with passion and new, shared experiences. Presenting it at the stag party means you're handing the groom a key to an electrifying honeymoon and a fresh chapter of intimate adventures. It's the kind of gift that keeps on giving, ensuring the couple's early days of wedded bliss are not just memorable, but downright groundbreaking.

A BDSM Paddle: to add a sense of adventure to the evening

BDSM paddle

A BDSM paddle isn't just a spicy addition for couples; it can also become the centrepiece of an unforgettable stag night. Picture the groom-to-be, playfully submitting to his mates for the night. With each challenge thrown and each dare not met, the paddle comes into play for a friendly spanking that's sure to ramp up the party atmosphere!

Suggest hilarious dares like serenading a stranger or dancing with the first person they meet. If the challenge isn't met, the paddle serves as a cheeky reminder to the groom that there's no escaping the night's fun and games.

A small butt plug: to introduce your mate to new realms of pleasure

small butt plug

A stag do is the perfect opportunity to introduce your mate to an experience he might not have tried yet, but one that could take his sex life to the next level. The small  anal plug is a discreet gift that beckons towards discovery and intimacy, unlocking the lesser-known delights of prostate orgasms.

This little gem is designed for beginners and the anal curious, offering a gentle introduction to backdoor play. Your mate can explore with his partner to strengthen their intimate bond, or use it for solo play. It's said that a prostate orgasm is even more explosive than a “classic” orgasm, so this small gift might just be the key to the best climax the groom-to-be has ever experienced.

We hope that we’ve helped you to find the perfect stag do gift for your mate. Choosing a sex toy as a gift is a pledge of not just laughter and joy, but also a journey of playful discoveries and shared cheeky moments.

Remember, the LOVE Team is here to guide you through the endless possibilities and find the toy that will make this celebration as unique as it is memorable. We're at your disposal for any questions or advice: don't be shy, get in touch! Go on, make your mate's stag do a legendary event, and most importantly, have fun!