Vibrators for couples

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Vibrators: a sex toy for couples

A vibrator for couples is a sex toy developed to stimulate both partners’ erogenous zones at the same time. You can use a couple’s vibrator during sex to stimulate the clitoris, the vagina, and the penis.

5 good reasons to use a vibrator for couples

Novices may ask themselves what the point of using a sex toy for couples is. There are numerous advantages, as these toys will help you shake up your sexuality


If you’re experiencing a humdrum sex life, there is no better solution than sharing a toy. A little bit of imagination can translate to an insane amount of pleasure. Both partners will be very excited and impatient to share the same sex toy.


If you have a lagging libido, trying injecting a bit of freshness into your regular routine. Erotic toys are the perfect way to awaken the sexual beast inside of you while strengthening the intimate bond that you share with your partner.


Thanks to their practical design, our sex toys for couples are able to stimulate areas that may be neglected during your regular routine. With its perfectly ergonomic shape, ingenious texture (pearls, pleasure nubs, vibrations, etc.) and incredible softness, a couple’s vibrator will soon become part of your everyday routine. This terrific tool combines vibrations with other kinds of sensations – such as those felt during foreplay – helping you experience an even greater amount of pleasure during sex.


It is very important to communicate with your partner, especially in the bedroom. So that each lover is satisfied after an intimate encounter, do not hesitate to let your partner know which positions and activities you like best. The introduction of sex toy into a couple’s routine requires a certain amount of communication and intimacy. The powerful vibrations from a couple’s vibrator will stimulate both partners’ most sensitive spots at the same time. The use of a sex toy for couples will let you break down the last remaining barriers between you, building on your intimacy while treating yourselves to saucy fun.


Thanks to the release of endorphins in your body during orgasm, your muscles will be totally relaxed. Your body will feel lighter, your pulse calmer, and your nerves totally at peace. If you are satisfied sexually and in a calm state of mind, you’ll feel a lot mellower around your partner. The use of an erotic toy creates a truly relaxing atmosphere, which is favourable to both lovers’ mental and physical well-being.

How to choose your vibrator for couples

In order to be certain that you’ve chosen the right sex toy for couples, certain criteria are very important before your purchase.


We carry a number of different vibrators for couples, which all have a powerful vibrating function. Some of our models also have thrusting, rotating, or massaging functions. Our vibrators will meet your needs, whether you choose a battery-powered model or a USB-rechargeable toy.


To purchase an affordable sex toy, pay close attention to the price tag. Certain vibrators have a many different features and an original design (as well as high-quality material), which make them slightly more expensive than simple, more affordable models.

Other sex toys for couples

The choice of sex toys for couples on the market today is truly vast. You may still be hesitating when it comes to choosing the right toy for you and your partner, with respect to your desire and budget. First, imagine the situation in which you’d like to use your toy (in private or in public, for example). Not every toy will be appropriate for every situation.


A vibrating cock ring is a sex toy that you can glide onto his stiff member during sexual intercourse. The toy emits powerful vibrations to both partners’ erogenous zones. Many of our vibrating cock rings feature a wireless remote, which make them easy to use (so all you’ll have to concentrate on is your own pleasure).

A strap-on is a sex toy that lets you switch roles in the bedroom: the partner who is usually penetrated can now become the penetrator! A man can use a hollow strap-on to penetrate his partner as usual, with the added benefit of increased length and girth.


Our Rosebud sex toy is an anal jewel which is elegant as well as incredibly pleasurable. Our Rosebud anal jewels are often paired with another sex toy for all-over stimulation. The Rosebud has the added benefit of being a totally unisex toy. He’ll love wearing a Rosebud for the deep prostate massage it delivers. She’ll love the way that it compresses her vaginal walls during sex. This toy is so discreet that you can wear it all day long underneath your clothing. It can also be used during intercourse with your partner for delicious double penetration. Its shape, weight, and appearance make this affordable sex toy an incredibly popular choice.

Our vibrating love eggs are the ideal erotic accessory for couples, as they titillate a woman’s erogenous zones without anyone being any the wiser. For a discreet, cheeky experience, hand the remote of your vibrating love egg over to your partner. That way, your lover will be able to surprise you with the sudden pleasure of vibrations.