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Share moments of intense pleasure for two with our collection of couple's vibrators. With prices to suit all budgets, these discreet, elegant and easy-to-use sex toys will satisfy both men and women with their different vibration modes. A couple's vibrator will perfectly stimulate the vagina to help her achieve clitoral orgasm. The clever shape of a couple's vibrator is designed to give pleasure to both her vagina and his penis. If you're looking for a new toy to spice things up, take the plunge with your favourite partner and experiment with a new couple's vibrator.

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Looking for a sex toy to share with your partner for even more fun and pleasure? Then look no further. A couple's vibrator expertly delivers stimulation to both partners during sex. He'll feel the incredible vibrations against his penis during penetration, as she enjoys the good vibes in the clitoral and vaginal area. Most often made of silicone, these vibrating sex toys for couples will pleasure both partners for a mutually satisfying love session every time.

Best of all, a couple's vibrator is very easy to use: inserted into the vagina, it is thin enough to allow her partner's penis to fit as well, for incomparable mutual pleasure.

These vibrating toys have two parts, with one small 4-inch-long dildo for the vagina and another component designed for clitoral stimulation.

Certain couple's vibrators may be battery operated, but many are rechargeable with a USB cable to keep the vibrations coming during those extra-long sessions. Some of our couple's vibrators can be controlled with a remote control for even more fun and games. Simply hand the remote over to your partner to let them take control of your pleasure, titillating your vagina and clitoris with just the right amount of vibrations.

Many of our couple's vibrators have a curved shaft to perfectly stimulate the G-spot with intense vibrations. Switch on the massager mode to enjoy truly relaxing stimulation during your sex session.

We recommend that you clean your vibrating sex toy before using it for the first time with a special sex toy cleaner, which you'll find on our site.

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