A practical guide to slow sex

Posted on 3 March 2023 by Natalia
A practical guide to slow sex

Welcome to the wonderful world of love and slow sex! Slow sex is all about taking your time and forgetting about performance. Why, you ask? It’s simple: to connect with your partner, to enjoy and share every touch, every sigh, every movement! Slow sex is not about tantric marathons, it's about sharing yourself with your partner, exploring new horizons and consciously discovering every sensation.

What is slow sex?

Slow sex is essentially a more conscious and sensual approach to sex. It's about focusing on the present moment, reconnecting with the sensations you feel, and letting the pleasure build, without worrying about achieving an orgasm at all costs.

This practice is based on three main principles: focusing on the present moment, feeling each sensation fully, and relaxing. All external thoughts must be put aside in order to focus on the different sensations that the sexual act brings. It's all about learning the art of slowness in the service of sensuality, for a session of pure bliss.

What are the benefits of slow sex?

Slow sex allows for a more conscious approach to the sex: partners learn that discovering each other can be a kind of pleasure, which will strengthen their intimate bond. Sex is no longer just about the physical act: it's a real encounter, a rediscovery of your partner. It's up to each person to surrender to the present moment and connect with their partner more intensely than ever before. The obligation to perform is abandoned in favour of mutual satisfaction: in sum, less pressure for more pleasure.

Some tips for a successful slow sex session

Let's get down to business! Here are some simple, practical tips to help you prepare for your slow sex session.

1. Choose the perfect moment

Slow sex requires time, calm, and concentration: plan to set aside a certain amount of time for your pleasure. It's best not to get caught up in work commitments or worries that might prevent you from giving your slow sex session your full attention.
If you share your home, make sure you lock the door. That way, you won't be disturbed. If you're feeling tired after a day's work, choose a more convenient time when stress won't interfere with your session.

This will create the ideal conditions for an unforgettable sensual experience.

2. Set the mood


Slow sex promotes relaxation and sensuality with full awareness. Pay close attention to the ambiance of the room in which you are going to make love: the decor should be neutral yet elegant, the pillows soft, the sheets soft and comfortable. Light scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Use aphrodisiac essential oils to stimulate your libido. Relaxing music will turn the room into a sensual haven.

3. Work on your breathing

Breath control is fundamental to your slow sex sessions. Controlling your sexual arousal will allow you to enjoy every moment of it. The abdominal breathing technique is highly recommended: inhale deeply by inflating your stomach, and then exhale slowly. This will help you relax your pelvic floor muscles and control your sexual arousal, making your pleasure last longer. If you practise this technique with someone else, try to synchronise your breathing to increase intimacy.

4. Focus on shared sensations

The principle of slow sex is the shared experience of pleasure, not the orgasm at the end. Each partner should focus on their own sensations and the sensations they give to the other. Unlike a 'quickie', which is about achieving a quick and easy orgasm, slow sex is about sharing pleasure, experiencing sensations and communicating.

Learn to focus on the journey rather than the destination. It's the moment that counts, not the end result. This new way of looking at sex and stripping it of its usual stakes will enable you to achieve deeper, more authentic pleasure. By focusing on each other, you'll create a sensory communion that allows you to enjoy every second of your lovemaking session.

5. Communicate with your partner

Communicate with your partner

Slow sex is first and foremost a time of sharing and exchange between partners. Before you start, take the time to discuss your desires, your limits and your expectations. Share your feelings while you’re making love. At the end of the session, share your impressions. This will give you a better understanding of your partner's needs and their slow sex experience.