How to use an anal douche

Whether you’re preparing your backside for anal play or just want a deep clean, an anal douche is the most hygienic option to achieve a squeaky clean derrière. The mere mention of an anal enema is likely to frighten some people, but douching is a simple process once you get the hang of it.

In this how-to guide, the LOVE Team will show you how to perform an anal douche safely, whether you’re using a manual enema bulb or a shower attachment.

Prepare for your douching session

The first thing you should do is choose a suitable place, such as the bathroom, where there is a source of water nearby and a lock on the door. If you’re using a manual enema bulb, fill it with warm water. Try to find a comfortable position. Relax. Now you’re ready to use your anal douche.

How to use an enema bulb

enema bulb

An enema bulb is a manual device used to cleanse your anal orifice. It consists of a liquid reservoir in the shape of a small pear and a rubber (or hard plastic) tip that goes inside of the anus. An enema bulb will give you perfect control over the amount and flow of water used, making it perfect for beginners.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use an enema bulb safely.

  • Clean the tip of your enema bulb thoroughly before using it.
  • Apply anal lubricant to the tip and to the outside of your anus to make insertion easier.
  • Pour clean, warm water into a bowl. We recommend a minimum of 25 ml and a maximum of 180 ml of water. Dip the tip of the bulb into the water. Release the bulb to suck up the water.
  • Cover the floor with clean towels to absorb any spillage.
  • Choose a comfortable position: sitting on the toilet or lying on the floor on the towels, for example. If you choose the latter, lie on your back or in a fetal position with your legs crossed over your chest.
  • Gently insert the tip into your anus.
  • Gently squeeze the bulb to squirt the liquid gradually into the rectum.
  • Once the water has been injected, stay calm and massage your stomach. You’ll start to feel muscle contractions.
  • Sit down on the toilet to expel the water.

How to use a shower douche attachment

shower douche attachment

A shower douche attachment is a nozzle that can be attached to any shower hose for an even more intense douching experience. This tool is for more experienced users, and we recommend that you start with a manual bulb your first time. The jet of water from a shower douche can be very intense for a beginner.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for a safe anal douche in the shower:

  • Unscrew your usual shower head.
  • Screw the shower douche attachment onto the shower hose. The attachment is compatible with any standard shower hose.
  • Run a gentle stream of lukewarm water, not too hot or too cold.
  • When you feel ready, gently insert the nozzle into your anus, but not too deeply so as not to damage your rectum. Hold on to the nozzle throughout the enema.
  • Allow the water to enter your anus and wait for it to take effect.
  • Gently remove the nozzle.
  • Get out of the shower, dry your feet, sit on the toilet and expel the water.

Make sure you clean the nozzle with warm water and soap after each douching session. Never share the attachment with anyone else.


You should only perform anal douches sporadically: regular douching may disturb your bowel movements. If you’re planning on having anal sex, you should douche at least two hours before your encounter.

We hope this guide has helped you prepare for your first douche. To enjoy your enema in complete safety, remember to follow our recommendations carefully and don’t forget to have fun!

The LOVE Team is available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us if you need any help or advice!