The art of the quickie: Pleasure at express speed!

Posted on 12 September 2023 by Natalia
The art of the quickie: Pleasure at express speed!
From next-day delivery to bingeing our favourite TV shows, modern society is all about the here and now. So, why should our private lives be any different? The 'quickie' is that cheeky little interlude that shakes up the daily grind and squeezes into our jam-packed schedules. If you reckon a steamy session needs hours on the clock, you're in for a surprise, love.

Top 5 Perfect Moments for a Quickie

Let’s face it, thrill often comes when least expected. And sometimes, the most spontaneous moments turn out to be the most electrifying.

  • Morning surprise before work: Picture it: you and your partner, still half-asleep under the duvet. The day's not even started yet, and there's already a saucy memory in the making.
  • Naughty lunch break: Why not turn that lunch break into a lunchtime delight? Whether it’s a swift nip back home or a sneaky rendezvous, these moments can easily become the highlight of your day.
  • The lift: predictable, but oh so tempting!: It might be a bit of a cliché, but classics are classics for a reason! Next time you're alone in the lift with your other half, why not give in to the temptation? Just a tip: keep an eye on that 'Stop' button!
  • While waiting for your mates to turn up: The night's set to be a long and jolly one. Your pals are on their way and the wine’s chilling. But before they rock up, why not snatch a few private minutes to get closer? It could become your naughty little pre-party ritual.
  • Just because it’s Tuesday: Seriously, who needs a special occasion? Any day is ripe for intimacy. Surprise your partner mid-week, simply because, well... it’s Tuesday.

Sex toys: the best accessories for a quickie

Let’s be real – when you're looking for a swift moment of pleasure, these cheeky gadgets can be a game-changer.
  • A bullet vibrator: Small but mighty! Easily tucked into a handbag or pocket, it’s always on standby, ready to whip out for that spontaneous thrill.
  • A cock ring: It’s not just a toy for him, it’s a treat for her too. Not only can it extend and amplify his performance, many of these rings come with a buzzing feature, adding that simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Talk about a speedy mutual delight!
  • A clit stimulator: Crafted to precisely target the clitoris, these little wonders deliver powerful sensations, promising swift orgasms that pack a punch.

Top Tips for Nailing that Quickie

When it's a swift bit of fun you're after, the details matter. Here’s how to ensure you get the best out of those fleeting moments:

  • Dress for success: Go for simple, easy-access attire. Ladies, think skirts or dresses that don’t play hard to get. Gents, trousers with zips are your best pals. And how about some saucy lingerie that's easy to slide off? Also, steer clear of fiddly buttons and intricate fastenings.
  • Time your quickie perfectly: While spontaneity is the name of the game, recognising those ‘come-hither’ signals is essential. An exchanged glance, palpable chemistry, a chat that turns a tad naughty: get in tune with these moments and be ready to pounce when opportunity flirts.

  • Keep your toys close: Where to stash your gadgets for a quick grab? Consider having a dedicated drawer or box within arm's reach, whether it’s bedside, in the bathroom, or even the lounge. Some even opt for a cheeky little bag filled with their favourite toys, ready to grab for a spontaneous romp out and about.

Quickie vs. slow sex: breaking it down

We all love a thrill, but sometimes, slowing it down can be equally tantalising. Let's dive into the pros of both:

Quickie: spontaneous and sexy

  • Spontaneity: The hallmark of the quickie. Those moments when desire comes out of the blue, sweeping you off your feet without a moment's notice.
  • Adrenaline: Giving in to sudden urges in unexpected places or scenarios can give a proper rush, amplifying the excitement.
  • Element of surprise: Quick romps often come with the delightful benefit of catching you off-guard, breaking the monotony and adding a bit of zest to the everyday.

Slow sex: leisurely and meaningful

  • Intimacy: Taking your time can help forge a deeper bond with your partner. You get to explore every shiver, every sigh, and cherish every tick of the clock.
  • Exploration: Here's your chance to discover your partner's body and desires afresh, experimenting with novel touches, positions, or intimate games.
  • Relaxation: Embracing a slower pace can turn intimacy into a kind of meditation – a moment to centre oneself and truly be in the present.