The sex toy, an accessory as old as time!

Posted on 16 October 2018 by Natalia
The sex toy, an accessory as old as time!
Rabbit vibrators, vibrating ducks and strap-on dildos have made sex toys popular; however, sexual accessories have always been a part of the history of our civilisation. Let's discover the history of the sex toy.


Sex toys have been around for almost as long as mankind. The remains of the oldest dildo that have been found date back to 28,000 BC. These toys were dildos made out of stone. You can imagine that the stones were warmed up first before penetration. The oldest sex toy in the world was found in Germany - an 8-inch-long dildo!

Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls, an incredibly popular sex toy for girls who want to fun, has a long and wild history. In about 500 AD, sex toys become very popular in Japan. These Ben Wa balls were simply a wire connecting two balls for vaginal penetration. It is not clear why this toy is called "Ben Wa balls", but they are also now known as Kegel balls for the way that they help women tighten up their vaginal walls.

Cock rings

Cock rings come all the way from China. The first cock rings were made of goat eyelids, but soon were constructed out of nobler materials, such as jade and ivory, under the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Some researchers even claim that cock toys were also used in Africa around the same era.


The vibrator is a sex toy that was designed for therapeutic reasons, to heal women suffering from hysteria (mostly sexual hysteria, due to a prudish society in which women were not considered as equals). An English doctor invented the first vibrator in the 1880s. Much more than an accessory, the first vibrator was a large vapour-powered machine with a steampunk design. A giant motor powered the back-and-forth movements, with a dildo attached to the end. Things have definitely changed since then!

Inflatable sex doll

The first sex dolls were made of pieces of cloth tied together to create the shape of a man. These dolls were made for lonely sailors and were called "Dames de voyage" (voyage ladies). It was only in 1904, after the invention of rubber, that the first blow-up dolls were created in Paris. At the time, nobody could have guessed these inflatable dolls would soon evolve into silicone dolls.