Top 3 Best Sex Toys for Couples!

Posted on 12 August 2020 by Natalia
Top 3 Best Sex Toys for Couples!
Many people think that sex toys are only for singletons, but nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, sex toys for couples are among our best-selling products.

Whether you're looking to spice up your naughty evenings, take a break from your regular routine, experiment with different sensations, or are bored with your sex life, sex toys for couples are an excellent way to put the wow factor back into your sex life, improving your relationship and strengthening your intimate bond.

1. Stap-on dildos: trade roles with your partner!

A strap-on dildo is a unisex toy that has never been more popular. Both men and women can use a strap-on dildo to fulfill their partner's deepest fantasies and discover new realms of pleasure. Now you can trade roles with your lover and be in full control of your steamy session. Our strap-on dildos are so popular that we carry a number of different versions to satisfy your sexiest desires:

The strap-on dildo for women

If, as a woman, you want to take full control of your session to surprise your partner, our strap-on harness kit with two dildos is a must-try toy! This strap-on toy features two dildos: the first has a veined shaft and a pair of testicles and is about 6 inches long - the second is nearly 8 inches long! Thanks to the clever harness, you can switch between the two dildos to feel different kinds of sensations.

The hollow strap-on dildo

Our high-quality, comfortable dildos give men the possibility of penetrating their partner in any position that they'd like. Simply insert your penis into the dildo and enjoy the extreme sensations that it offers. Our realistic soft touch hollow strap-on is a true best-seller thanks to its real-feeling material. Your partner won't be able to tell the different between this strap-on dildo and the real thing! Both of you will feel totally intense sensations - you'll have to try it to believe it!

The vibrating hollow strap-on dildo

You'll love our vibrating hollow strap-on dildos for our intense anal or vaginal massage! Our strap-on harness with realistic vibrating hollow penis extension is a technological marvel, as the intensity of its vibration function can be controlled with a remote control. You can vary your pleasures while enjoying the deeply satisfying vibrations on your and your partners' most intimate areas.

We have a number of dildos for men, women or both. For example, our small dildo for vagina and anus is the perfect size for any women, with its 5.5-inch length and 1-inch width. The realistic vibrating and ejaculating suction-cup dildo offers penetration and the amazing feeling of ejaculation in the orifice of your choice. If you prefer a girthier size, our lifelike king size Musclorgasm dildo will drive you mad with desire. For those who want to explore a kinkier lifestyle, our extreme fucking machine with realistic dildo might just be right up your alley!

2. Remote control vibrating cock rings: for shared pleasure!

The cock ring is a sex toy for couples that you can put on the base of his penis or around his testicles to prolong his erection or delay ejaculation to increase your mutual pleasure while climaxing. But that's not all! Many of our cock rings are equipped with a smaller shaft to titillate his perineum or her clitoris. Our vibrating rings make the sensations even more intense, as his rock-hard rod and her clitoris will be stimulated by the awesome oscillations.

Our vibrating remote control 20-speed cock ring is the perfect toy, as it features a remote control that lets you choose from 20 vibrating functions. This remote control cock ring is perfect to introduce a bit of newness into your sex life and will stimulate you both at the same time. This is truly a cock ring for couples that you simply must try to taste new and exciting sexual experiences!

3. Vibrating love eggs: for totally discreet pleasure!

The vibrating love egg is one of our most beloved sex toys for couples. This is the perfect sex toy if you want to strengthen the intimate bond between you and your lover and bring a bit of spice into your love life. Our love eggs are very easy to use - simply insert the egg into your vagina and enjoy the intense vibrations.

A remote control love egg will make your sex play much more exciting, as your partner can control the good vibrations with the remote control. That way, your lover can get you off without even touching you. Our vibrating remote-controlled love egg lets you enjoy amazing stimulation from a distance in a totally discreet way, as nobody (except for your partner) will even know that you're wearing a sex toy! The vibrating love egg is perfect for exploring new types of pleasure and adding a bit of edginess to your sexuality.