How to choose your first sex toy for men

Ready to venture into new territories of pleasure? Not quite sure where to kick things off? The LOVE Team's got your back, guiding you towards that perfect toy tailored to tick all your boxes.

Contrary to some outdated opinions, embracing the world of sex toys is a natural and enlightening step to uncover fresh, tantalising aspects of your own intimacy. As you find your feet in this exhilarating realm, we’re here to dish out top-notch advice, steering you towards simple, user-friendly gadgets – spot on for chaps taking the plunge for the first time. So, why not dive in? A world of sensations awaits!

Getting comfy with the notion of a sex toy

Feeling a tad curious or even apprehensive about diving into the sex toy scene? Even if you're no rookie in the bedroom, it's natural to have those butterflies.

  • Unravel the mystery: Let's get one thing straight - a sex toy isn't just a cheeky gadget. It's a finely-tuned instrument for amplifying pleasure, exploring unseen sensations, and boosting those intimate moments.
  • Map out your desires: What tickles your fancy? Gentle caresses or something with a bit more oomph? The world of men's sex toys is vast and varied, ensuring there’s something for every itch you've got to scratch.
  • Trust your gut: Listen to your body; it usually knows the score. Whether you're eager for new experiences or just looking for a tweak, these toys can be adjusted to just the right level of intensity for you.
  • No need to bolt: Getting to grips with your new toy? Take it steady. Familiarise yourself at your own pace and curate those memorable intimate escapades.
  • Reach out: Got a burning question or a fleeting concern? Give us a shout. Our main gig is making sure you're feeling relaxed and in the know every step of the way.

For those who haven’t yet taken the plunge in the bedroom, the thought might feel a smidge overwhelming. If you’re nodding along, we suggest a gander at our guide for first-timers. It’s packed with top tips to guide you on this exciting adventure.

What kind of toy should I consider?

A pocket pussy: a stellar starting point

The pocket pussy reigns supreme as one of the top dogs in the men’s sex toy department, especially Fleshlight toys. If you're dipping your toes into the world of intimate gadgets, this is a banging place to start, and here's why:

  • Level up your solo play: Hand shenanigans are all well and good, but using a pocket pussy will dial up the pleasure, delivering sensations that are leagues beyond. Crafted to mimic the genuine feel and warmth of real-life orifices, it’s set to make every personal session a lot more riveting.
  • Pick your orifice: Whatever floats your boat – be it a vagina, mouth, backdoor, or even a neutral design for those who fancy a less-lifelike approach – there's a model out there tailored for your liking.
  • Riveting ridges: The inside? It's an adventure. Enhanced with a unique texture, think ridges and nubs, offering varying degrees of stimulation that’ll have you revelling in delight with every stroke.
  • No fuss, all fun: Ditch the woes about batteries or charging cables. With its hands-on approach, you're in the driving seat, governing the pressure and pace to your liking.
  • Clean and go: Pocket pussies are typically a breeze to maintain. Show it some TLC, and this buddy will be your wingman for quite a few escapades.
  • Keep it low-key: Some designs are the kings of camouflage, often passing off as everyday items. Perfect for those who like their secret stash... well, secret.

LOVE Team Tip

For an even more splendid time, don't skip on a water-based lube. Not only does it guarantee a smoother glide, but it also amplifies those tingles and feels. Enjoy the ride!

A basic cock ring: amp up your game

 The cock ring stands tall as a shining star in the world of men's sex toys. It’s made a name for itself amongst gents, and it’s no wonder why.

  • Boosted performance: Positioned snugly at the base, a cock ring will apply a gentle squeeze to keep the blood flow in check, leading to a fuller, firmer, and possibly even slightly longer member.
  • Extend the excitement: Fancy making the good times last a bit longer? By delaying the grand finale, a cock ring not only increases stamina but also dials up the intensity of the action.
  • Simplicity at Its best: Just slide it around the base and you’re good to go. But here's the kicker – don't get carried away and leave it on for too long, as it might hamper proper blood circulation.
  • Options galore: While we'd give a nod to a straightforward, manual model for the rookies, once you get the hang of it, you might be tempted to delve into the fancier territory – think vibrating editions or even an extra loop for the crown jewels.
LOVE Team Tip

Trying out a cock ring for the first time? Kick things off with a stretchy model that’s easy to whip off. And if you ever find yourself scratching your head on how to use it, our handy guide "How to use a cock ring" is right there in your corner.

A small butt plug: venture into new realms of delight

  • Prostate power-up: Just a smidge in from the backdoor, the prostate is this nifty gland that, when teased the right way, can lead to some truly mind-blowing, earth-shattering climaxes.
  • Size matters, but start small: If you're wading into these waters for the first time, it’s best to ease into it. Sporting a diameter of less than 3 cm, a dainty anal plug is ace for a fuss-free, comfy initiation. It's typically crafted with easy slide-in and prime pleasure in mind.
  • Your pace, no race: Anal adventures demand patience and a tuned-in feel for your body. Kick off at a gentle pace with a suitable lube, savouring every tantalising tingle and sensation.
  • Gear up, level up: Once you've gotten chummy with your first plug, you might fancy trying out varied shapes and sizes. Upping the diameter or length can amplify those feels, leading you into uncharted territories of ecstasy.
  • Safety first, always: Ensure your plug boasts a flared base to prevent it from going on a full-on expedition. Post playtime, give it a thorough clean with a dedicated sex toy cleaner.

LOVE Team Tip

Anal play's a smoother ride with lube. Grab one specially crafted for the area. And if you're ever in two minds about using your plug, our how-to guide How to use a butt plug is here to shed some light.

A manual penis pump: beyond a toy, it’s a tool for empowerment

  • Putting the fun in functional: A penis pump is a top choice for gents looking to ramp up their self-confidence while upping their pleasure game.
  • More than just play: Unlike many playthings tailored purely for delight, the penis pump wears dual hats. It can pep up your erection quality and, with steady use, even add a hint of heft to your manhood.
  • The science bit: The gizmo uses air pressure to craft a vacuum around Mr. Johnson, leading to increased blood flow. The outcome? A sturdier and, occasionally, more substantial erection.
  • Dial-up the comfort: With the manual pump in your grasp, you're at the helm of the pressure, letting you set the pace and level of snugness. Perfect for newcomers eager to safely navigate these waters.
  • Level-up to luxury: Once you've got the hang of the manual, you might find yourself eyeing automatic pumps, sporting nifty extras like vibes.
  • Safety's the motto: Exercise care when using your pump and always stick to the maker’s playbook to dodge any missteps.
LOVE Team Tip

Slather on some apt lube when setting up the pump – it'll ease things along and ensure an airtight seal. For peace of mind during your pumping sessions, have a gander at our handy how-to guide How to use a penis pump.

Blow-up dolls: your partner for private moments

  • Ditch the stereotypes: For ages, blow-up dolls have been laughably pigeonholed as gimmicks for bachelor parties. But, in reality, these toys can craft an uncannily lifelike experience, inching closer to the feel of a genuine companion.
  • Tailored to your fancy: Whether you lean towards feminine or masculine forms, there's a doll out there ready to tickle your fancy. The array ensures there's something to tantalise every taste.
  • Journey of discovery: A major perk of these inflatables? The unbridled freedom they bring. Fancy trying out a particular pose your partner isn't into? Your inflatable friend’s got your back. Dive deep into your desires, judgement-free and at your pace.
  • As real as it gets: Crafted with penetrable openings and a texture that mirrors the real deal, these dolls promise a plunge into the depths of realism, blurring the line between dream and reality.
  • Care and concealment: Upkeep is a breeze. Once deflated, your little secret can be tucked away discreetly, all set for the next rendezvous.
LOVE Team Tip

For any intimate toy escapade, the right lube is your trusty sidekick. Always remember to give your doll a thorough cleanup post-session, ensuring it stays around for many more encounters.

Our team is ready to guide you, light up your path, and tackle any questions you might have. So feel free to contact the LOVE Team if you need a little extra help! We're driven by our passion and our goal is to help you discover that perfect toy, one that truly meets your desires and needs.