Spider gag

Take the pleasures of submission and restraint to a whole new level with a spider gag. This adjustable bondage accessory is available in a wide variety of models at different prices. As this BDSM accessory totally immobilises the mouth, it is a restraint similar to the ball gag or gag ball. However, the difference lies in the type of games that can be played with the spider gag, which is available in metal, leather or silicone. A spider gag gives the Dom total access to the sub's wide open mouth, for very kinky possibilities.

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The spider gag is a classic BDSM accessory, as it is designed for kinky submission and restraint games during fetish play. This open mouth gag can also be used with a harness or dildos. While you can use a spider gag by itself, it is common to add other fetish play accessories to this product for intense BDSM sensations and incomparable pleasure.

Use a spider gag during your bondage play

While open mouth gags may be little known to the general public as a sexy fetish accessory, they are nevertheless a must-have in the world of bondage and BDSM. A spider gag is similar to a strap on dildo harnesses, but also resembles adjustable ball gag. They are most often made of leather, metal or silicone and prevent the submissive partner from speaking, leaving his or her mouth wide open and ready to be used. The Dom can then stick his penis into his partner's mouth as he pleases, and the sub's jaw and mouth will be completely immobilised.
We carry a wide range of different spider gags, at different prices, with some of these accessories made of metal and others made of silicone or even leather. There is also a wide range of colours to choose from, from black to red to clear open mouth gags. One thing is certain, if you are already a fan of BDSM and bondage games, you will fall in love with the spider gag and the new life it will breathe into your fetish play.