Anal spreader

Treat yourself to an anal spreader to spice up your extreme BDSM games! These instruments are normally used by medical professionals to prepare an anus for an operation, but are also perfect accessories for a bondage session. Made of metal or silicone, an anal spreader can be a steel speculum, an inflatable plug, an ass-stretching plug or an anal dilator. This BDSM sex toy allows you to mix pleasure and pain during your anal dilation session. If you want an even more intense experience during fetish play, you can add a vibrating dildo or other bondage accessories!

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Pusher anal spreader with padlock
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Extreme Game anal spreader
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Expander anal spreader
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Penitentiary tunnel plug
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An anal spreader adds a touch of medical fetish play to your bondage and BDSM games. A source of pleasure and pain, it will allow the dominant partner to control their sub's body. In our selection of anal spreaders, you'll find the speculum, dilator, inflatable butt plug or ass-stretching anal plug:
  • Speculum: an anal speculum looks just like a vaginal speculum, as it is longer than it is wide and is made of surgical steel
  • Anal dilator: made of metal (more specifically stainless steel), it slowly dilates the anus for extreme sensations
  • Inflatable plug: this product, made of black silicone, has an end that inflates with the use of a pump or an electric motor
  • Ass-stretching plug: egg-shaped, made of silicone or stainless steel, it features several parts that open up wide when placed in the anus
Like a vaginal speculum, the anal spreader is a medical and surgical instrument. However, a spreader can be used on both men and women. Apply some lube to your toy and glide it into your body to prepare the anus for anal sex with accessories such as a dildo, a vibrating sex toy or your partner's penis.
These toys are mostly made of metal or black silicone, so they have the perfect look for BDSM and bondage games. Male subs will enjoy wearing a cock ring at the same time, while women may enjoy using a vaginal toy while wearing a spreader. For more comfort and pleasure, we highly recommend using a water-based lube or anal relaxing gel.
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