While usually used for medical purposes, the vaginal speculum is a popular accessory in BDSM fetish play. Become a sexy doctor and give your female partner a full pelvic examination. Your patient will be perfectly at ease while you are using the speculum, as you can adjust the size to prevent discomfort. Our vaginal specula are made of high quality metal for your comfort and hygiene. Simply add some lube for easier insertion during your sexy medical exam. Once the speculum is opened, it will give you a full view of the inside of your patient's vagina, right up to the cervix, allowing you to easily perform a G-spot massage!

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The vaginal speculum is a device used for pelvic and cervical exams during a gynaecological visit. While they are usually used by physicians, specula have become increasingly popular in the world of BDSM play. Both men and women will love to use our vaginal specula to examine their favourite patient...their sexual partner!
A BDSM vaginal speculum is typically made of metal to make it easy to insert into the vagina and simple to clean afterward. Your patient will not feel any discomfort during insertion. This medical device for women makes it easy to examine your partner's most intimate areas, including her cervix and vaginal walls.
The speculum can be manually adjusted to make it just the right size, so you can insert it into the vagina comfortably. The device's size and length may vary, so it is important to choose the model that will best suit your partner's vagina.

How to use a vaginal speculum

No need for medical equipment or sterile gloves to play doctor! With a speculum, you can experiment with medical role-playing: pelvic examination, clinical accessories, intimate massages...the only limit is your imagination! Use this medical device to admire your partner's vagina right up to her cervix. Her G-spot will be easily accessible, allowing you to gently massage this area to intensely stimulate her body.
Once inserted into your patient's vagina, the blades of the speculum will gradually spread out to produce new, pleasurable sensations. Spreading a woman's vagina this way will also prepare her for more intense penetration with other larger sex toys!