The Valentine's Day Guide

Posted on 30 January 2021 by Amandine
The Valentine's Day Guide
It's time to take a look at our must-haves to turn up the temperature! Forget all of the classic (very) boring ways of celebrating Valentine's Day and you'll organise the hottest evening of the year. LOVE AND VIBES recommends that you chuck out all of the conventional traditions and replace them with our much more exciting recommendations! Are you ready to experience the most torrid February 14th of your life? Let's heat things up!

Forget the little black dress!

You don't want to cover yourself up too much, do you? Get right into the mood by slipping on an incredibly sexy bodysuit, with its deep neckline and irresistible plunging back. The lace and bodice details will turn you into a goddess as you strut your stuff into the bedroom. You'll look more attractive than ever!

Flowers? Thanks but no thanks

To avoid having an allergic reaction to boredom, replace the roses with a little game that will give you both pleasure! Treat yourself to a new adventure to spice up your evening : a vibrating egg. Fun and exciting, this sex toy will both excite you and strengthen your sexual bond. He/she will adore controlling your pleasure with the wireless remote control. Careful, you'll have to wait until the end of the evening to pounce on each other. Deal?

Jewellery, of course! But…

Only if you wear it around your penis! Glittering like gold, thanks to the bright LED. Enjoy good vibes and vibrations with a fun and powerful cock ring, which will boost your erections for your partner's pleasure. Show off your cheeky side and explore the different power modes with the remote control ;)

Keep the chocolates in the box

Avoid indigestion and consider mounting your lover like a true sportsman! If you feel like a non-guilty pleasure, try out this vibrating cock ring for couples. Share the pleasure by stimulating the penis and clitoris at the same time. You'll break out of your everyday routine and rekindle the fire of your desire…

Opt for takeaway for dinner!

For the singletons, we suggest opting for takeaway tonight so that you'll have all the time in the world for much more exciting projects! Being alone can be romantic too, as you'll be in excellent company. Let yourself be seduced by a new experience. Stick a suction-cup rabbit wherever you'd like to grab a little piece of paradise. This is a unparalleled sex toy as it has a massaging head - not even your favourite lover can match it! Intrigued?

Have a steamy evening