Fetishism - not as dodgy as you’d think!

Posted on 22 January 2021 by Amandine
Fetishism - not as dodgy as you’d think!
A dim red light. The smell of warm leather against your skin, making your hair stand on edge. Fetishism is closely linked to the world of BDSM, but that's not all! Fetishism plays a large part in our erotic thoughts, related the arts and fashion. Spanning a wide range of sensual fun, fetichism plays a discreet part in our daily sex play, titillating us to no end. You've probably participated in fetichism without even knowing it - let me explain further!

Fetishism and sexuality

Fetishism is marked by eroticism when sexual excitement is provoked by the sight, touch, or smell of an object, a specific part of the body or a situation.

When it comes to sexual attraction, everyone has their own tastes and desires - it can even be a frequent subject of conversation: "I prefer blonds; blue eyes; tall men/women; a pretty face or a nice bubble butt. Most people could easily list what excites them, by specifically isolating a favourite part or feature. Who among us has never thought: "I'm addicted to his/her odour; he/she has a fantastic backside; I'm turned on by body hair; it excites me when she keeps her heels on in bed". Loving these little things, which may drive you wild with desire, is already a type of fetishism! After, it's all a question of intensity…

What makes a person as sexually attracted to an object as they may be to a human being? According to Alfred Binet*'s theory, it's all a question of the association of ideas. To sum up his study on "hand lovers": a man who is attracted to women like their hands in particular. He chose this particular beloved body part, as they are particularly lovely when wearing jewellery. The closeness of an object to the coveted body part will make a man associate rings to a woman's beautiful hand. That means that seeing a ring could give a man an erection - oops! 

Romantic fetishism

While some may think it's trashy, after all fetishes can be romantic! We're excited to find out that the universal feeling of love will make you want to nibble on toes or enthusiastically smell a head a curly hair! Let me explain…

"We always think back to our first loves" - Alfred Binet -
according to Alfred Binet's 1887 theory. People are attracted to things that moved them as a child and first loves will define our attraction to a specific feature! If you were moved as a child by your auntie in a red dress, the colour red will probably turn you on when you're an adult. Don't worry, we won't tell - promise!
In sum, when it come to love everyone has their own tastes - it's up to each person to find out what attracts them the most. There are some types of attraction that you may want to share, and other that you won't dare to tell a soul.
Everything is in the attitude

What comes to mind when you think of a foot fetishism? The neighbourhood creep masturbating in front of the window of the local shoe shop? Think again - foot fetishism is actually quite common and very sensual. But it isn't the only fetishism that exists. Bottom, breasts, bellybutton - all big classics. To make things even more sexy, there are more subtle types of fetish: the tone of someone's voice, the colour of their hair, wearing glasses - anything can become erotic when you think about it!

Other than objects and body parts, you can also fetishize a behaviour or attitude if it stirs an emotion or excitement in you. You can be turned on by indifference, indecency, or elegance. How is it possible to get all wet from somebody's voice? These are the stereotypical attitudes that are used in role play, and that's how fetishism is relates to BDSM to become BADASS! You canstage a sexy scenario  and role play to shake up your every day sexual activities and bust up social codes. If you want to try out uniform fetishism, tell your lover to slip on the miniskirt of a flight attendant disguise and ask her if she'll be serving you dessert.

You smell so good

He/she smells so good it feels like you're shooting up a drug when you smell their hair. However, they wouldn't be quite as attractive without help from Mother Nature, who with a gust of wind will send the intoxicating smell right up your nose. For odour fetishists, sensorial attraction is the number one seduction criterion!
It should be pointed out that certain fetishes are more acceptable than others according to different cultures. For example, in India and the Philippines, the smelling the person you love produces an intense pleasure: "the sense of smell is very developed; lovers, while parting, exchange articles of clothing, so that when they're separated they can smell their loved one's odour".

Soft sensations

What do silk, latex, leather and velvet have in common? The softness of materials, which slip and slide sensually on the skin and feel incredible to the touch. A fetishist may want to create their own world, with thigh-high boots and leather outfits. The fetishist has their own tastes, and the house of Dior is well aware, as they collaborated with the House of Harlot in 2011 to create a spectacular latex collection!

Hot Tip
Looking for a certain style for your next outfit? You can get inspired by reading the Psychopathia Sexualis, which classifies materials and objects based on fetishes.

Bizarre is normal

Fetishism is the exaggeration of normal desire and the result of romantic preferences. With a little bit of moderation, it is perfectly healthy to dip your toes in the world of fetishes. So if you like to lick toes like the famous director Tarantino, you might want to choose a partner who shares your turn-ons. Be kind with yourself when it comes to your strange turn-ons - someone, somewhere, will find them incredibly sexy!
Sending you all love bites,
* Alfred Binet: a French psychologist