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Are you looking to flaunt your beautiful feminine figure? Our negligees is a must-have item of lingerie to flatter your curves and put your best features forward. Choose from thong bodysuits, lacy bodysuits, halter-back bodysuits, long-sleeve bodysuits, bustier bodysuits – with so many different models to choose from, you'll definitely find the right one for your body. Our bodysuits for women are both sexy and daring, pushing your breasts up while slimming your silhouette.


Little-known fact: the teddy has been around for more than 60 years! The bodysuit, a close relative of the leotard, first came on the scene in the 1850s. The trapeze artist Jules Leotard introduced this piece of apparel to the sports world to offer a total freedom of movement to acrobats and gymnasts.

Thanks to Bettie Page, the famous pin-up model who posed for Playboy magazine, the teddy became a sexy and feminine article of clothing in the 20th century. Bettie would become one of the first well-known figure to wear a bodysuit outside of the sports and artistic sectors. In 1960, Hugh Hefner (the founder of Playboy) decided to promote the female bodysuit in his magazine and make it the official uniform of the Bunnies working in Playboy clubs. The bodysuit quickly caught on among the female population thanks to the Bunny uniform: bowtie, fluffy tail behind, and a bunny headband.

The bodysuit became more popular than ever before in 1985 thanks to designer Donna Karan. She incorporated the bodysuit into her collections, considering it one of the 7 must-have pieces of clothing for women. More and more designers started to use the bodysuit in their collections, including Jean Paul Gaultier, who designer a number of different bodysuits to put on his models; For a few years, the bodysuit went out of fashion, until brands like Dim, Asos, and Oysho started offering bodysuits in comfortable and fashionable materials with sexy details. In 2016, the bodysuit really came into its own, and is no longer considered as underwear but an item of everyday clothing.


Are you looking to increase your sexual potential? Do you want to look sexier for your partner? Our sexy bodysuits are truly a must-have item of lingerie. For the past few years, they have become THE most trendy and seductive clothing item the market, as they flatter every woman's body, no matter what shape or size. Bodysuits are very easy and comfortable to wear, and are sexy enough to replace any bra and knickers set.

Bodysuits are very comfortable, and many models have sheer details, vivid colours, comfortable materials, and elegant lace to make you look ever more irresistible. The biggest advantage is that a sexy bodysuit is always invisible under your clothing, so you can wear one under your dress, skirt, or jeans. But you can also wear a bodysuit as outerwear, as a sexy alternative to a tank top or t-shirt.


Many women have a girly side and love to take care of themselves. Our dressed-up bodysuits blend the sexy look of lingerie with the everyday casual appearance of loungewear, which will appeal to your seductive and feminine sides. You can mix your bodysuit for women with other outerwear pieces for an incredibly on-point look.

A sexy bodysuit with stockings

If you want to play the part of a femme fatale, try a bodysuit with suspender belt hooks for your next steamy evening in. This sexy lingerie set is completely open at the crotch area and is made of sexy black fishnet...which will definitely stimulate your lover's hormones and increase his desire.

The long-sleeve bodysuit

If you want to blend elegance and simplicity, our long-sleeve lace bodysuit is the perfect item for glamour mixed with sex appeal. This long-sleeve bodysuit isn't just for wintertime wear – you can wear all year round for the perfect sexy look. Worn under a pair of jeans or a sexy little skirt, this long-sleeve bodysuit will totally change your style.

The transparent bodysuit

Feel like bringing out your animal side? Opt for a sheer bodysuit to show off your body in a daring and seductive way! This sheer black bodysuit will immediately have an incredible effect on your lover. The temperature will rise as soon as you slip it on.

The low-cut bodysuit

Do you have a fantastic chest that you love to show off? Our low-cut bodysuits will be the perfect fit for you! This is the perfect item to add a bit of spice to your sex life, as it offers a perfect view of your voluptuous cleavage. The low-cut bodysuit will draw attention to your amazing curves while flattering your bosom. Your partner will have a difficult time looking you in the eye while you're wearing it !

The g-string bodysuit

Would you rather put the emphasis on your butt? We recommend taking home a sexy g-string bodysuit right away! Men love watching their partner in a g-string, and this particular model suits a number of different erotic situations: a cheeky surprise for your lover, a steamy evening indoors, a sexy wake-up call, role-play in the bedroom. Any occasion is the right one to wear a g-string bodysuit – you'll become your man's main fantasy!

We also carry a number of other bodysuits that combine glamour and sensuality, such as our formal bodysuits, sculpting bodysuits, bustier bodysuits, plunging back bodysuits, wrap-over bodysuits, etc. Our bodysuits for women will bring out the sexual goddess within you while making your body look absolutely incredible!