Does masturbation make you deaf?

Posted on 1 March 2017 by Marine
Does masturbation make you deaf?

A few days ago on the blog, we explained that the sex act of eyeball licking could make your partner blind, as you may give them herpes. But can masturbation make a person blind?

Today we'll be discussing the bad reputation of solo sex. According to urban legend, masturbation is responsible for a number of different afflictions: it will make you deaf, blind, or bald. It's enough to turn you off!

Where does this urban legend come from?

This unfounded rumour may come from western Judeo-Christian beliefs. Religious thought has demonised sexuality for ages, as sex should only be practiced for procreation and to fill one's family full of children. Therefore, to prevent sexual intercourse out of marriage, religious authorities try to preserve the morality of the younger population by telling them of the shocking consequences of sexual activity. These stories would definitely put a damper on the hormonal storm of adolescence. Young people would feel ashamed and uncomfortable with the thought, but would be unable to control themselves, despite the elder's moral teachings. Indeed, masturbation is a physical need to maintain a healthy psychological balance in one's life.

For those who enjoy masturbation and are unsure of whether it is healthy to do so shouldn't worry at all about damaging their ears. It's totally false! There is no health risks linked to self-pleasure, of course.

Using a masturbator is in no way dangerous

Masturbation is not dangerous for one's health, quite the opposite in fact. Masturbation helps you explore your own body, relieves stress by releasing hormones that trigger feelings of euphoria and well-being. The only barriers to masturbation are psychological ones, as deep-rooted moral and religious values may prevent you from fully enjoying the experience.

Outside of your own hang-ups, nothing should stop your from masturbating – your body will thank you for it.

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That way, you can pleasure yourself all evening long, without giving one thought to the old wives' tale about masturbation making you deaf.