Movember 2023 is over

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Movember event

Your actions made it happen

prostate massagers bought
donated to the fight against prostate and testicular cancer

But the fight isn't over!

You can donate to support research efforts all year long – so don't hesitate, every bit counts!

Keep discussing male health issues with your loved ones. You could save a life!

The month of November and the Movember movement make this the perfect occasion to discuss men's health issues with those around you:

  1. Prostate cancer is the #1 male cancer in the UK.
  2. Men are more likely to develop cancer than women.
  3. Male suicide rates are three times as high as female rates.

While you should have a prostate exam done by a medical professional every year from 50 years old on, you can also perform a self-exam of your testicles at home. Here is the LOVE AND VIBES guide to examining your testicles:

Take a warm and relaxing shower.
Roll one testicle around between your fingers and thumb.
Repeat with the other testicle.
Check for any bumps, swelling, or pain. Your testicles should be smooth, firm and sensitive, but not painful. If something doesn't seem right, consult a doctor.
On top of supporting male cancer research, Movember is a time to discuss men's health, which is often a neglected subject!