Morning sex vs. night sex: When's the best time for a cheeky snuggle?

Posted on 1 September 2023 by Natalia
Morning sex vs. night sex: When's the best time for a cheeky snuggle?
So, what's your pick for a bit of romance? The early hours with the soft glow of dawn, where everything feels fresh and new? Or is it under the seductive shroud of night, with stars as your only witnesses? Come on, let's dive deep into this ever-so-intriguing debate and chat about those oh-so-special moments we all cherish.

Morning romps: why they might just be for you

You know that time when bird tweets are the morning's soundtrack and the first rays of sunshine playfully peek through the curtains? Well, it might just be the perfect moment to fan those passion flames.

  • Hormonal highs: Here's a fun fact – blokes in particular have a physiological reason to feel a bit more frisky in the morning. Testosterone levels, the hormone all tied up with our sexy desires, are at their peak post-slumber. Not only can this boost the mood but, well, let's just say... performance too.
  • Fresh as a daisy: After a solid night's kip, our bodies are all rejuvenated and raring to go. What better time to indulge in some longer, more heated intimate moments?
  • Kick-start Your day: Fancy starting your day on a high? A good romp releases endorphins and oxytocin – that's the happy and lovey-dovey hormones. They'll have you grinning like a Cheshire cat and feeling on top of the world for the rest of the day.
  • A quickie's quick pulse: If you're often dashing about in the AM, turning that time-crunch into a saucy sprint might just be your thing. Racing against the clock can shoot that adrenaline up, making every steamy minute count.

How's that for a bit of morning motivation?

Night-time nuzzles: why evening escapades rock

  • Welcome wind-down: Had a day filled with endless to-dos, workloads, and that usual dose of chaos? Making love offers that oh-so-needed relaxation. Think of it as nature's delightful stress-buster, easing you from the hustle and bustle into the embrace of restful zzz's.
  • Set the mood right: Dimmed lights, sultry tunes, maybe a candle or two (or five!) - sounds like the perfect scene to get up close and personal, doesn't it? And the best bit? Without that morning alarm looming, there's usually a little more time to linger. No rush, just pure indulgence.
  • Dreamy dozes: Here's the golden nugget - one of the fab perks of evening passion is the release of oxytocin, fondly known as the 'love hormone'. Not only does it make the bond with your beau stronger, but it's also a cheeky ticket to snoozeville. An evening romp could be your secret potion for a night of deep, rejuvenating sleep.

So, ready for some nocturnal naughtiness?

Communication: the golden ticket to getting each other

Having a natter about your likes and maybe-not-so-likes in the bedroom? Pure gold. By sharing, you not only get the low-down on your partner's desires but can also dish out your own. It sidesteps those pesky misunderstandings or that niggling feeling of not quite hitting the mark that can sneak in when one of you feels a tad overlooked or misunderstood.

And here's the cherry on top: compromising. It's a bit like saying, 'Hey, I cherish your happiness as much as my own.' This could mean taking turns between sunrise snuggles and late-night lingering, or perhaps finding other cheeky moments during the day that tick both your boxes. Whatever happens, remember to listen to your partner and express your own needs as well. Only then will you find mutual satisfaction…whether it’s in the morning or at night!