7.5 Inch Tapered Anal Beads

7.5 Inch Tapered Anal Beads

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Special condoms for sex toys
  • Length : 19,0cm
  • Colour : Purple
  • Diameter : 1.25 in
  • Material : Silicone
  • Non-Vibrating

Are you looking for a unique anal plug that offers incredibly deep penetration? Look no further than our 7.5 Inch Tapered Anal Beads, which delivers incredibly exciting ass action.

This string of anal beads has a total length of about 10 inches, with an insertable length of 7.5 inches and a 2.5-inch-long withdrawal loop for safe removal. Just slip two fingers into the withdrawal loop to take out you plug in a comfortable, secure way.

This toy features 5 anal beads, which are shaped like the tip of a penis. The diameter of the beads varies between 0.5 inch and 1.25 inch.

This insertable toy’s velvet touch makes penetration comfortable and pleasurable. This toy is available in one colour only: flashy purple!

How to use a beaded anal plug

Nothing could be simpler than using a beaded anal plug! This toy delivers intense back door pleasure with deep penetration and relatively mild dilation, contrary to classic plugs, which are very thick and short. The chain of anal beads lovingly penetrates the rectum, reaching areas that you never knew existed!

The unusual shape of this XXL butt plug makes this erotic accessory one-of-a-kind – it looks just like a string of pearls! A sturdy string links the beads together, so you’ll feel every little bump as it passes through your tender canal. Each bead has a different diameter for varying amounts of intensity.

Both men and women adore this beaded butt plug

This 10-inch-long (total length) anal plug will deeply penetrate its wearer’s rectum. It will nestle into every nook and cranny of your rear, tickling your inner depths and driving you wild.

This toy features 5 different uniquely-shaped beads. The first four beads are shaped like a penis tip, for even more pleasure. Only the last bead is round. The beads are arranged from smallest to largest, for a comfortable and gradual penetration.

If you’d prefer to experience the thickest bead first, for a more intense experience, opt for our Bunny Love Textured Anal Beads. In this model, the beads are arranged from thickest to thinnest. It is made out of the same high quality silicone.


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