7 tips for making love in the water (without risk)

Posted on 23 January 2020 by Christina
7 tips for making love in the water (without risk)

If making love in a jacuzzi or in the sea on a full moon night makes many people fantasize about it, know that the act is not insignificant and presents some risks for your health and even for your life for the most imprudent. It is therefore very important to take a few precautions so that this romantic moment does not turn into a real nightmare.
Sex in the shower, in the sea, in the swimming pool... you have to be careful!

Rinse off!

When we make love in a swimming pool, in a jacuzzi or in the sea, water inevitably enters a woman's vagina. If there is nothing abnormal so far, however, one must ask oneself about the quality of the water. Salt in seawater or chlorine in swimming pool water can impair natural lubrication and irritate the vagina. Even worse, bacteria and microbes in the water can also cause infections of the female genital tract. Beware of fungus, vaginosis or vaginitis! To avoid any discomfort after making love in water, you should rinse yourself thoroughly with clear water. But don't panic, if sex in water is only occasional, the vaginal flora should do its job and effectively combat undesirable bacteria.

You take good support

A hug in the shower before going to work or at the weekend when you have more time, is an activity that many couples do. But it requires good support so that you don't slip and risk hurting yourself (very badly) when you fall. It also requires a bit of ingenuity to find a position comfortable enough for both partners to have fun without risking a cramp at the right moment. The ideal position is as follows: the man remains standing and penetrates his partner, who is also standing behind her. There is nothing to stop you from putting a non-slip mat in the shower tray and starting foreplay underwater and ending up on the bathroom floor or in your bed.

You stay where you walk

If the problem does not arise in a shower or jacuzzi, you must be very careful in large bodies of water where the depth is important. In the sea or pool, make sure you stay where you walk. Also remember to hold on to something to avoid drinking the cup or even drowning! It would be a shame to lose your life just to fulfil a fantasy with your partner. And if you like to make love in a place that is different from the ordinary, there are other places that are unusual and much less risky!

Don't neglect the condom

Making love in water does not protect against STDs and STIs unfortunately. Wearing a condom is therefore always essential. But you must remember to put it on before entering the water because afterwards it will be impossible. It is also necessary to be more vigilant because condoms are more fragile in the water and have a greater risk of cracking during sexual intercourse.

We don't do things by halves

When making love in water, it is not impossible that the penis will get stuck in the vagina because of a draught. This is called the "suction effect". To avoid this kind of discomfort, you should immerse yourself completely in water and not half in it to prevent air from entering the woman's vagina. Although cases are rare, the risk does exist. Although it is not dangerous for your health, it does promise embarrassing moments for the couple!

We lubricate

During sexual intercourse in water, you will quickly notice that the contact is "drier" at the moment of penetration because the water eliminates the body secretions that naturally lubricate your private parts. To improve gliding, choose a lubricant. But not just any lubricant! A water-based lubricant will be diluted immediately, so choose a waterproof silicone-based lubricant. Its lubricating power is 5 times higher on average. On the other hand, it is not compatible with sextoys made of silicone.

One remains discreet

While making love is not against the law, this is not the case for sexual intercourse in public. So keep a low profile to avoid attracting attention, as you could be fined 15,000 euros for exhibitionism and face up to one year in prison.

Apart from these few recommendations, making love in water can be very entertaining and add spice to your sex life. Don't hesitate to also try couple sextoys such as vibrating eggs, strap-on dildos or vibrators.