The best places to make love on holiday

Posted on 21 July 2023 by Natalia
The best places to make love on holiday

Holidays often go hand-in-hand with exploring new horizons, conquering unexplored landscapes or simply visiting breathtaking places that you’ll always remember. Travelling is an adventure in itself, and it wouldn't be complete without one essential ingredient: some saucy partner play!

Whatever your destination, you’ll definitely find the perfect spot for your erotic encounters on-the-go in this article. Get ready to have the steamiest vacation of your life, thanks to the LOVE Team!

On the beach

What better place to share an unforgettable moment-for-two than the beach? At sunrise or sunset, in an uncrowded spot, you'll enjoy a sandy encounter that you won’t soon forget. At one with nature and its relaxing sounds, in the heart of a romantic landscape, you’ll be in touch with your sensuality.

Make sure that the place you choose is not too crowded, so as not to disturb anyone or be seen. Remember to respect the environment by picking up after yourselves afterward.

In a romantic accommodation

If you’re more of an indoors type, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from.

  • Hotel room: A luxury hotel with private Jacuzzi and champagne will be the perfect luxurious setting for your lovemaking session, rekindling the flame between you. This type of accommodation is perfect if you’re tired from a day of exploring the local sites.
  • A cabin on the water or a tree house: For nature lovers, these types of lodging offer direct contact with the elements (the sound of the waves, birdsongs, the wind in the trees...) and total intimacy.
  • A bubble hotel: These transparent dome-like structures, hidden in nature or in the trees, will transport you to a poetic universe, ideal for a fiery night of love.

During a sexy outing in the heart of nature

In the deep forest, on a mountain path, at lakeside, in a flower meadow...there’s no limit to where you can have a sexy quickie in nature. Choose a place where you can get in touch with nature and enjoy the beauty of the landscape in complete tranquillity.

For lunch, prepare some simple dishes that your partner will love, and don't forget to bring some aphrodisiac foods (chocolate, figs, honey, for example) to spice up your meal. Add in a short hike in a magnificent setting and soon you’ll be taking a short break to get down to business!

In a romantic city

The hustle and bustle of big cities can be a source of excitement for many. For your romantic getaway, choose a city that allows you to combine romance and a flurry of action: Paris, of course, but also Venice and Kyoto are perfect places to spend intimate moments with your partner. You can also get away from the hubbub of the city and find a quiet spot in a park or a discreet alleyway, always remembering to be discreet and respect the laws in force in the country where you are staying.

Rent a private accommodation

If you opt for a house or flat rental, being on holiday will instantly become your everyday life. So choose your holiday accommodation carefully to really mix things up. For example, if you’re a city dweller, you should opt for a countryside home, and if you’re a country mouse, go for a flat in a bustling metropolis. Make the most of your new environment to breathe new life into your sex life!

Once you've arrived, decorate your house or flat with whatever you can find (scented candles, colourful garlands, comfortable dressing gowns, etc.) to give it just the sensual touch you're looking for.

This new and exciting venue will definitely allow you to celebrate the intimate bond you share with your partner in unfamiliar territory.