How to choose a toy for your summer holiday

With summer hols on the horizon, it's about time to gather up your sunshine must-haves! Now, bear with us, on that list, perhaps you might fancy adding a little cheeky number – a sex toy... But, which to choose? Our LOVE Team is here to guide you through the splendid array on our website, perfect for every getaway. No matter where you're headed or what sort of holiday vibe you're after, you're bound to discover the ideal mate to make your trip truly memorable. So, pop the kettle on, settle in, and let's uncover which one's your cup of tea!

When it comes to adult toys, there's a lot to choose from: from novices to aficionados, there's something for everyone, ready to accompany you on your holiday adventures, tailored to your tastes and comfort zone. Key things to ponder while packing? Discreteness, portability, and sturdiness. This guide will walk you through choices apt for all sunny escapades, whether you're flying solo or paired up, depending on your travel companion... or perhaps a delightful new acquaintance! Packing's about to get a tad more exciting than your usual!

Why bring a sex toy on holiday?

Taking an adult toy on your getaway ensures that the tantalising moments you cherish at home don’t skip a beat, even with a change in postcode. Whether it's the familiar thrill of a beloved toy or charting unexplored territories of pleasure, the fun doesn't have to pause.

  • Keep the consistency and calibre of your delights: No matter the corner of the globe you're in, your trusty toy stands by to elevate your spirits and cater to every whim.
  • Add a bit of zest to your journey: You're on a break... Time to toss the rulebook and embrace the unexpected! An adult toy can be your passport to uncharted sensual vistas and true escapism.
  • Back to the familiar: While holidays are about shaking things up, occasionally, there's comfort in the familiar. Your toy can be a comforting touchstone, helping you unwind and reintroduce those well-known sensations amidst new settings.

A discreet delight: a butt plug

butt plug

A butt plug offers the utmost discretion, easily concealed under clothing, allowing you to wear it with confidence wherever your holiday takes you. Whether you're marvelling at historic landmarks, wandering local markets, or dining out, this cheeky little secret can add an exciting dimension to the most mundane moments.

Given its compact size and ergonomic design, the plug can be worn comfortably for extended periods. This might just make your holiday experience truly unparalleled.

For pleasure beneath the palms: a vibrating cock ring

A vibrating cock ring is a game-changer for couples looking to experience a mutual climax. More than just your standard cock ring, think of it as a little marvel of technology. Not only does it enhance endurance, but its buzzing feature also titillates the erogenous zones of both parties. The result? Those intimate moments, set against the backdrop of swaying palm trees, are elevated to euphoric peaks of pleasure.

A solo traveller’s dream: a pocket pussy

For those venturing alone, the pocket pussy proves a nifty companion. This streamlined masturbator, free from the fuss of electronics, means you can indulge wherever the mood strikes, sans the need for recharging. And with a simple clean-up using just soap and water, the pocket-sized delight ensures a hassle-free and memorable self-indulgence.

For those looking to enhance their summer lovin' sessions, a Fleshlight male masturbator is the perfect companion for your summer adventures. Just like a pocket pussy, it's practical and has no electronic components, ensuring hassle-free use wherever you are. Easy to clean, it will give you intense amounts of pleasure under the summer sun, turning every moment into an opportunity for solo or partner play."

Turn up the heat on your video chats: an app-controlled sex toy

Apart from your partner this holiday but keen to keep the spark alive? With an app-controlled toy, you can bridge the gap with some tantalising fun, ensuring that distance only heightens the anticipation.

How does it work? Simply sync up with the toy's dedicated app. Whether you're a continent away or just down the road, you can send waves of pleasure with a mere tap. Craft a remote rendezvous or catch them off-guard with an unexpected thrill. Be it a vibrator, prostate massager, or butt plug – the choices are abundant.

This tech wonder lets you toy with distance, letting your partner take the reins or surrendering to their whims. Dive into uncharted sensual realms, promising an escapade that'll surpass your wildest imaginations.

For thrill-seekers: a bullet vibrator

The bullet vibrator is a pocket rocket for the ladies, offering mighty surges of pleasure in a pint-sized package. Though dainty, it guarantees waves of bliss and moments of unbridled ecstasy…

It’s not just a solo treat, mind. Couples can bring it into the mix, making it an indispensable piece for a teasing preamble. A little titillation of the external erogenous zones, and watch as the anticipation and allure with your partner reaches fever pitch.

A summer getaway is a prime moment to delve into brand new delights... and unearth fresh sensual exploits! Let loose, savour fresh pleasures, and immerse yourself fully in your sensuality. Whether solo or shared, your adult toy promises a blooming of passion and intimate moments to remember.

The LOVE team is here, always ready to tackle any queries. Also, be sure to peek at our How to travel with a sex toy guide, ensuring the utmost ease and discretion during your travels.

Here's to a smashing holiday!