Gentlemen, make the pleasure last!

Posted on 21 December 2016 by Heidi
Gentlemen, make the pleasure last!
Oops, do you find yourself ejaculating after a few seconds? Many men have already experienced this common problem. When a woman hasn't come yet, a man needs to last until his partner achieves orgasm. What are the best ways to last longer during sex?

What if you were able to last longer in bed?

It's every man's worst nightmare: blowing your load too quickly! All men want to last as long as possible during sex. The average time of a sexual encounter from penetration to ejaculation is between 4 and 11 minutes - it is rare to last longer than that. If you can't last longer than 4 minutes, you may be a victim of premature ejaculation.

Tracey Cox, a renown sexologist who is specialised in discussing these issues, has some advice for men who want to control themselves before their partner has reached the peak of pleasure. These 4 tips will help you improve your timing, and, with a bit of training, your sex sessions will be longer and longer:

  • It is highly recommended that you masturbate before sex! The sexologist says that "it will take longer for you to come if you have already came before".
  • It can be very helpful to use a delay spray! Apply this gel to your penis a few minutes before sex to numb your penis to relieve the pressure. Simply spritz the spray 3 or 4 times and you'll be good to go!
  • Try to adopt the "start and stop" technique. The sexologist explains: "it is easy to use this technique during penetration: stop moving when you feel too excited, and get yourself under control - you can then start again slowly and gently".
  • You should wear a condom! A condom will make the stimulation less intense by decreasing sensations to the penis.
  • Regularly using a Fleshlight can be an excellent way to boost your endurance and enhance your performance during sex.

These simple, stress-free, and totally efficient techniques will help you maximise your stamina, so you can enjoy each other's company for hours!