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When it comes to sexy lingerie, women have a vast array of options, making it difficult to find THE lingerie set of your dreams. Whether you're looking for an outfit for a romantic dinner, a cheeky evening indoors, a sexy surprise, or even just a sexy ensemble for yourself, LOVE AND VIBES offers a wide range of sexy outfits for women, which flatter a woman's body in just the right way.

The basque: a key item of lingerie

Sculpting your silhouette and whittling down your waistline, basques are the perfect lingerie to make your body absolutely irresistible in your man's eyes! A basque set will be a classic look in your seductive lingerie arsenal. They are perfect for flattering your figure and offer the advantage of being quickly removed!

The incredibly elegant basque has an unparalleled power to seduce! Many men fantasize about seeing their partner in a delicious basque set, which is made up of two ultra-glamourous itemsof lingerie to make your body look astounding.

The set features a bustier to cover your chest and is a little longer than a bra, and a corset to make your waist incredibly tiny. Our basque sets will support your chest and features removable straps. Most of our basque sets also feature suspender belt hooks, so you attach any pair of stockings for a complete look.

An electrifying lingerie item

Our basque sets are incredibly sexy lingerie outfits that will flatter your body in just hte right way, squeezing in your waist and accentuating your breasts – you'll be irresistible!

Bustiers: much more than a bra!

The advantage of a basque set is that you can wear them in (almost) any situation: under a bustier dress, under your wedding dress, under a jumpsuit, etc. Just slip on your basque set and you'll become a captivating and passionate love goddess for your partner's pleasure.

A bustier is a female underwear item that is designed to sensually support your chest. Bustiers for women act have all the support of a push-up, with a much sexier design.

Bustiers come in different high-quality, fine materials: silk, satin, lace, leather, etc. They are the perfect weapon to drive your lover absolutely mad!

Sexy negligees: a simple and easy-to-wear lingerie item

While sexy negligees may be less known than basque sets or bustiers, they are the perfect item to wear if you want an ultra-glamourous look.

A sexy negligee for gorgeous glamour any time

Our sexy negligees look like a longer nightie with a few extra details. If you want to combine eroticism and sensuality, a sexy neglige is the perfect item to add an extra bit of seduction to your natural beauty. In general, sexy negliges are sheer or totally transparent, with a loose belt to cinch in your sexy waistline.

Your sexy negligee will enhance your natural charm with daring transparent lace details or irresistibly soft satin...a neglige is the perfect sexy outfit, as it combines unparalleled comfort with totally irresistible charm!

More comfortable and sensual than a simple dressing gown, our sexy negligees come in an assortment of styles, colours and sizes: a long temptress gown, a transparent lace nightie or a sexy sheer lacy gown.