Sex swing

Break out of your regular sexual routine with sexy fetish accessories like a sex swing or bondage harness! These two BDSM accessories can be used together to awaken your partner's desire. When fastened to your door or ceiling, a sex swing will allow you to try out totally new positions while wearing a harness for sexy nights full of fetish play. These are the perfect adult accessories for both men and women, regardless of your body type. Our bondage gear is made of quality materials like leather, nylon, and polyester. You'll find the perfect sex swing or sling in our selection of BDSM sex toys!

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A bondage harness for perfect fantasy play

A bondage harness is the perfect fetish accessory to experiment with BDSM sex: black, brown or red leather or imitation leather straps will fit around your body for your partner's pleasure. We carry different adult harnesses for women and men, so you'll find the perfect one for your body type (bra, belt, necklace, etc.) at just the right price. The metal hooks and leather straps allow you to add cuffs, a gag or any other sexy bondage accessory!

Enjoy a sex swing

Sex swings allow couples to experiment with different positions or to try out bondage sex play in a new and exciting way. Men and women will love the feeling of total weightlessness while their body is in the sex swing. A swing or sling is the perfect way to spice up your sex life without using sex toys!

Play on an adult swing

Made of high quality metal hooks and fabric such as leather, nylon, or polyester, a sex swing can support an impressive amount of weight on the model. That means that you can play any game that you'd like while using your swing or sling!

BDSM swings for fetish play at its most fun

With a sex swing, you can truly experiment with any position for carefree fetish play: tie up your partner for bondage and BDSM games, use a pair of cuffs, sex toys, fetish accessories and let your imagination run wild!

Opt for a BDSM sex swing

A sex swing takes up very little space against a door or hanging from your ceiling, which is why it is the perfect BDSM accessory for small spaces. Strap your partner into a swing made for adults to enjoy hours of fantasy fetish play with no limits.