If regular handcuffs just don't do it for you anymore, why not try an armbinder? These sexy bondage accessories will make your partner a slave to your desires: with their arms restrained behind their body in a monoglove or harness, they will be at your mercy! These fetish items for arms (which come in leather, imitation leather, latex and stainless steel) fit many different body types to suit both men and women. You can even add other BDSM toys or sexy lingerie to your play session!

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Add a new fetish play toy to your collection of bondage and BDSM accessories: the armbinder. In the form of a monoglove, arm sling or sleeve, the armbinder restrains the submissive's arms behind their back to give your slave a sexy new style. The adjustable handcuffs and straps make an armbinder suitable for both men and women.

An armbinder is made of classic fetish materials and colours such as leather, imitation leather or latex, black, white or red. Stainless steel may be used for the metal parts on the cuffs.

Complement your new fetish item with other BDSM toys, bondage accessories or sexy clothing, such as a leather corset or latex stockings for a total slave look!

The monoglove, a sexy type of armbinder

Unlike an armbinder with a harness, where the wrists are bound in handcuffs, a monoglove is a sheath for both of the arms. These bondage products have a system of laces that looks like that of a corset. With a monoglove, the arms are perfectly bound together, including the elbows, to make your partner your BDSM slave, ready to enjoy other fetish and sex toys.
This bondage item for men and women is often made of black leather with stainless steel details. Identical to sleeves, the monoglove goes from the shoulders right down to the hands, or may stop at the wrists. This fetish piece is more than enough for exciting bondage play, or you can add some other toys to your session for an even more memorable experience.